The U.S. Says Will Hit Back Network Attacks With Missiles

Global network diagram map

CHINA MILITARY: The Pentagon recently introduced a "new network strategy." According to this strategy, the United States will determine the grade of all "network intrusion" against the United States. Among them, the highest level of network intrusion will be treated as "an act of war." "Wall Street Journal" reported May 31, the Pentagon announced in June is scheduled for this strategy. This is the first U.S. state intrusions on the network to develop response strategies. Traditional military means network attacks can fight back

United States Cyber Command interior

An unnamed U.S. official on April 22 that the U.S. military is preparing the establishment of Cyber ​​Command, to protect against network attacks. (Picture)

3 U.S. Department of Defense report quoted senior officials as saying that the strategy category, the network intrusion, the most serious one is sponsored by a national network of the United States attack, this type of network attack will be treated as "an act of war "The United States can be initiated by the traditional way of each other's military fought back. "If the person using the computer network sabotage our grid system, perhaps, we will launch a missile to the other party," an unnamed military official said. Fire Information System for the U.S. military was hacking giant.(CHINA MILITARY)

U.S. arms giant Lockheed - Martin Information Systems May 21 attack by hackers. Sources said unidentified persons by copying Lockheed - Martin Corporation internal use authentication token, invasive network. Are not sure hackers could steal information, but as the Defense Department's top arms supplier, Lockheed - Martin Corporation, a large number of network storage of weapons research and development relating to future sensitive information, and the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq now use the military technology information.

Lockheed - Martin hit the Pentagon hacking incident has aroused great attention, Barack Obama listened to the attack on the Department of Defense report on the situation.(CHINA MILITARY)

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