The United States maintains diplomatic solution to the south china sea dispute

The South China Sea dispute map

CHINA MILITARY: United States officials have to must resolve the China's ocean crisis quietly. U . s . Condition is disturbed through the tensions sparked by dispute within the maritime border within the South China Ocean.

I was worried about a few of these reviews, the South China Ocean, and believe they merely boost the tension and doesn't help peace and security in the area, "stated Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mark Toner.

We support a collaborative process diplomatic and urge all candidates to satisfy almost all their needs for both land and maritime worldwide law. He stated the U . s . States and also the worldwide community in general possess a common curiosity about maintaining maritime security in the area, stating the liberty of navigation, economic development and respect for worldwide law.

Beijing states it's devoted to peace within the South China Ocean, nevertheless its more assertive attitude Marine has elevated concerns among nations in the area.

Tensions between China and Vietnam aren't any at least a year after Hanoi accused China Ocean, the charge of the vessel to chop cables towards the survey of oil research vessel in May, within the waters from the exclusive economic zone.

Thursday, Vietnam should have the identical incident in the region, stated a Chinese fishing-boat rammed the cables of the ship to find oil second in the waters.

Beijing responded by warning of Vietnam to prevent all activities it states violates its sovereignty within the disputed waters from the South China Ocean.

Both nations have lengthy-standing disputes within the potentially oil-wealthy plot and also the Spratly Islands and surrounding seas.

Tensions also have risen this season between China and also the Philippines, another claimant towards the Spratly Islands, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan also claim they've interest.

Vietnam's navy stated Friday it'll conduct an active fire exercise within the week following a South China Ocean.

We don't support something that contributes to enhance the current degree of tension, we don't think its helpful, "stated Toner.

Precisely what it takes is really a joint diplomatic process, a peaceful process to solve territorial disputes as well as other others, he added.

Tests of strength, other gestures, like the proven fact that I only increase tensions. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates cautioned last weekend the fighting may bust out within the South China Ocean, unless of course people give conflicting territorial claims within the resolution of disputes by peaceful means.

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And before Captain Ching chong and his two sidekicks chime in with how superior China's rookie navy is and how well armed the Shi Dong is, China hasn't fought a real naval battle since the Qing fleet was put down by the combined UK/French forces in the Opium Wars. Vietnam has spent a lot of money on shore based missiles and corvettes that carriers aren't designed to fight and operate in waters too shallow for submarines.

Are u talking about TODAY CHINA ?