The U.S. intends to build preemptive military bases in Gwadar pot

Gwadar port simulation map

Pakistani observers reported net June 7, the United States as India's strategic alliance is also focused their attention on the Gwadar area, and is hoping to establish military bases in the region to fight in the war Iran and pre-emptive strike against China to Gwadar port as a Arab channels and entered the Navy post.

Pakistani media said Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani 7, said that Pakistan has not signed any transfer of the Gwadar to China's agreement, any relevant resolutions of the Gwadar port to be located by the provincial government consultations. Pakistani Defense Minister Chaudhry - Ahmad - Mukhtar, accompanied last month's state visit to Beijing, Prime Minister Gilani told the media after the Palestinian side request China to help Pakistan build naval base in Gwadar. Mukhtar added that Pakistan has invited China to manage the port's commercial operations. Tenth in this week's meeting of Asian security, Chinese Defense Minister Liang, "We will very seriously study such an important political and military problems," "If there is a such action, we will have a precise plan and a study group. However, I did not hear this news. "

For the United States hopes to establish military bases in Gwadar had rarely heard to say, but not surprising. In recent years, the U.S. has been through military and economic aid to win over Pakistan, one of the main purpose of plugging into the Indian Ocean and South China through the land of Pakistan strategic channels. In addition, the United States and India by strengthening the political, military and economic relations, to put pressure on Pakistan. Currently, the U.S. is working with India on a rare Running out of intelligence cooperation with Pakistan, specific measures to assist India in the United States, "Homeland Security in India" project, active in technology transfer, information sharing, capacity building, anti-terrorism technology, anti-spyware technology, basic infrastructure protection, and criminal networks of help tracking equipment on the Indian intelligence agencies.

There is evidence that terrorism may be the depth of penetration into India with the organization collaborated with the Indian attack by sea. In addition, the Indian government is also facing domestic unrest, so it urgent to improve the procurement of weapons from the Western naval forces at high prices. The United States also with India, Singapore, Australia and Japan, to collaborate in the Indian Ocean, the contents of anti-submarine warfare exercises, surface warfare, air warfare, artillery live-fire training and boarding reconnaissance, which will contain China as an important part of the exercise .

As the United States to actively draw the object, India's recent naval actions directed at Pakistan's Gwadar district. India has purchased a Boeing P-8 "Poseidon," anti-submarine aircraft / maritime surveillance aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles in Israel and the jointly developed by France and Spain, the Scorpene-type submarines. India and Southeast Asian countries is also a strong military ties, such as its being to win the support of Vietnam to the Chinese challenge in the South China Sea. Data show that the Indian Navy in 2008 accounted for 18% of military spending, and now was increased to 24%.

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