China announced that PLA navy will drill in West Pacific Int'l Waters

Chinese Defense Ministry June 9 announced the Chinese naval fleet conduct a training drill in West Pacific Int'l Waters in mid to late June

This is a routine annual training program, comply with the relevant norms of international law, not against any other specific country and objectives.

For the foreign media about the "Chinese naval vessels across the island of Okinawa and the high seas between the Miyako Island", a Chinese Ministry of National Defense Information Office of the 9 to make the response.

Chinese navy fleet crossed through the waters of Okinawa, sailing towards the Pacific, the main is 136, "Hangzhou", 137 "Fuzhou", 138 "Taizhou" guided missile destroyers. 

There are also the latest 548 "Yiyang" frigate, the supply ship No. 882, 862 submarine rescue ship in the Chinese navy fleet. 

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