The United States, a thief crying "Stop thief"

CHINA MILITARY: Recently, the "China threat theory" seems to have new development, the so-called network threat from China is making a great clamor.

    Some examples are a little far Google Sanfanliangci accused the Chinese government for its attack, the most recent example is former U.S. national security official Richard Clarke on the 15th at "The Wall Street Journal" published an article on the opinion pages entitled "China's cyber-attacks on the United States," the article. Clark claimed the article: "U.S. officials are aware that the Chinese government is systematically attacking the U.S. government and corporate computer networks. Beijing are successfully steal R & D results, the software source code, manufacturing methods and government programs."CHINA MILITARY

    He also unfounded the United States, Britain, Germany and other attacks by hackers who all the blame to China, saying "While Beijing publicly denied, but these attacks have all the marks of the Chinese government behavior." Clark also almost fantasy to assume that "China attacks the U.S. power system." He said: "We should be recognized as an act of war."

    What is the story behind this, Mr. Clark, why such a frenzy of network warfare? It is reported that Clark had served 30 years of government service, has for four presidential effectiveness, long-term anti-terrorism department in charge of the U.S. government, is considered to be representative of hawks. After leaving government in 2003, Clark found a new job - harbor consulting company chairman. Look at the harbor's main business consulting firm, Clark alarmist not difficult to understand why. The company's Web site, which is a provider of security and risk management services consulting firm, is one of network security services, and claimed the "government leaders" to develop strategic network security projects.

    Hawkish former government officials of both service providers increase security of the dual identity, Clark can non-existent "Chinese cyber-attacks," depicted so "realistic" also reasonable. In the United States stepped up the introduction of the current strategic context of the network, Clark's remarks also trace to follow. Back to the end of last month, according to U.S. media reports, the U.S. Department of Defense is revising its military rule book to determine the network attacks are likely to be identified as acts of war, commanders will have the option of support by foreign hostile forces, the implementation of retaliatory military strikes against hackers . International public opinion that this important step towards the militarization of the network, with far-reaching impact on international law.

    Clark on "how to attack the United States respond to China's power system," the imagination, it is with "China" instead of the Pentagon network strategy "hostile country." However, the U.S. side of suffering "persecution paranoia," the other side but in the real network penetration through the so-called "enemy country." According to the U.S. "The New York Times" on the 12th, the Obama administration is spending $ 70 million trying to deploy overseas, a set of "shadow" Internet and mobile phone systems, it can automatically set up the network in a short time and telephone communication systems, used to help some countries the opposition was banned in the networking and communications even when the communication with the outside world.

    In addition, the United States or the victim claimed hackers hackers excellent organizer. British "Guardian" recently reported that about 25% of U.S. hackers have become the FBI "informant." Reports revealed that hackers, once arrested, the prosecution used to facilitate the long term threat, forcing them to start with the official "cooperation."

    Groundless accusations against his country side of network attacks, to promote the network side of the militarization of space, while vigorously penetrate the network, hackers amnesty, the face of this "stop thief"-like behavior, people ask: What should America do?CHINA MILITARY

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