Ukraine has sold the technology of gas turbine technology DN80 to China

CHINA MILITARY Ukraine has been developing actively military technical cooperation with China in recent years, or more precisely, the former Soviet Union to China to sell military heritage. This trend in the field of military aviation, naval technology field and the engine is very obvious.

Chinese aircraft carrier Varyag in modification

Russian media said that Ukraine has been able to China in the navy and air force and the active cooperation of weapons and equipment, mainly for two reasons: First, China has not as easily as it used to be Russia's weapons and technology, and the introduction of high-tech weapons and equipment and learn the need is still great; Second, China still has the capacity to pay, you need capital Kiev, Ukraine is not coupled with China's neighbors, China is rapidly increasing military strength is not a problem for Ukraine.

Russian media said that China and the Ukrainian Antonov aviation complex technology in a series of active cooperation on joint projects, including the development of ARJ21 regional jet aircraft, such as improving transport -8. China is also on the safety and security -158 -148 aircraft interest. Uzbekistan is also involved in the maintenance of security in China already have -12, -24 security, safety and -26, -30 aircraft safety. Antonov Airlines two years ago, complex technology and China signed a heavy military transport planes to help China develop a memorandum. China is also the help of Ukrainian experts for the construction of large wind tunnel testing heavy military transport aircraft, it will be China's largest air laboratory. Ukraine is also China's new L-15 trainer aircraft to collaborate on projects, in accordance with the contract to supply China in 2011-2012 the first AI-222-25F engine, the future is likely to continue supply.CHINA MILITARY

Russian media said the charge of the Ukrainian state arms export company in China's first domestically produced aircraft carrier fleet development, and for the initial purchase from Ukraine, "Varyag" aircraft carrier development of new modern equipment. Initially the former Soviet Union in the Ukrainian city of Nicholas Aliyev failed to build completed "Varyag" aircraft sold to China, the first seems to be converted into recreational facilities, and later became China's first aircraft carrier to shift into battle with a certain capacity of the teaching training ground, it will assemble the engine of Ukraine, Ukraine has transferred the technology of gas turbine technology DN80, the ship will be equipped with SAC developed J -15 "Flying Shark" carrier-based fighter, also from the Ukraine in 2005 procurement of Russian Su -33 prototype developed on the basis T-10K made. Ukraine is also helping to build and "Nitka" ground training system similar facilities for ship-borne air force pilot training teaching. Wuhan has been built in the vicinity of full-size modular cement carrier, with landing runway and control tower. Shaanxi Liaoning in 2010 began to build another two similar facilities.

Russian media said that Ukraine will sell to China 4 (or 2) "European bison" air-cushion landing craft, two of them built in Ukraine, the other two companies in Uzbekistan and the expert assistance of shipbuilding production in China. China hopes to learn to like the design and construction of warships. China's own manufacture of the above will be equipped with weapons and fire control systems.CHINA MILITARY

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