South China Sea Fleet has far exceeded the strength Vietnam Navy

CHINA MILITARY South China Sea Fleet has far exceeded the strength Vietnam Navy

Chinese naval warships of South China Sea Fleet to participate in maritime parade

Vietnam in the South China Sea dispute recently, "gimmick one after another," so that it intensified china-Vietnam  the South China Sea dispute, attracted much attention. "Miscalculation" on June 15 citing Hong Kong's "Ming Pao" report that, despite the recent situation in the South China Sea seems tense, the "Vietnam War is inevitable," comments also flooded the online forum. But cool-headed analysis and the Navy in the Vietnam national strength, it could see the sharp contrast between the poor, this battle is difficult to play together, and said, "Even if China wants lessons in Vietnam, means a lot."CHINA MILITARY

Vietnam Navy military exercise in South China Sea

Reported that talking about the disparity between the more strength, you can compare Guangxi, Guangxi population of 50 million, area of ​​24 square kilometers last year GDP1460 billion (950.2 billion yuan); Vietnam's 87 million population, area of ​​33 square kilometers, GDP1046 billion last year. dollars. In addition, the more the gap is in the physical economy, the Vietnamese foreign debt $ 29 billion in foreign exchange reserves, $ 13.6 billion last year, the deficit of 120 billion dollars. China last year amounted to 548.938 billion U.S. dollars foreign debt, budget deficit $ 161.9 billion (1.05 trillion yuan), but the foreign reserve has reached $ 3 trillion, the disparity in power between the two is not an order of magnitude. As for military power, only one Chinna's South China Sea Fleet  is much higher than the whole strength of Vietnam navy, the winner is clear without war.CHINA MILITARY

Vietnam navy ships in military exercise

The report also pointed out, it is worth noting that Vietnam recently in the South China Sea, "shouting", precisely because of its domestic economic conditions deteriorating, the domestic crisis, the Vietnam's first oil coveted by the South China Sea, the second is to transfer to the domestic public attention, incite national sentiment, to ease internal contradictions.

The article said that the plight of China's gains in Vietnam, so Vietnam is only 40 km offshore artillery firing exercises by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for only a modest response, but in the South China Sea, feng shui, but this "patch of land to prevent."CHINA MILITARY

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