UFO appears on the moon: U.S. did not dare to go back the moon in 30 years

Since December 1972 the United States, "Apollo 17" spacecraft returned to Earth, the United States over "Apollo" moon program, over 30 years, the United States, the Soviet Union and since then it has not had any manned moon mission. One view is that this is because all 25 U.S. astronauts to the moon have been found in the UFO on the moon, a strong science and technology of foreign stars, "fear", prompting NASA (NASA) to give up a manned registration month mission.

United States, Apollo moon mission 

25 astronauts have encountered the Moon UFO

In 1973, NASA made public the first lunar landing mission some of the results. In a confidential statement, NASA said the participation of all 25 "Apollo" moon mission astronauts have encountered over the moon UFO UFO. Former U.S. moon project leaders Weihe von Braun, said before his death, several "Apollo" moon mission have been some mysterious power to outside monitoring. In 1979, NASA Morris, the former communications director, said Chatterton with the astronauts and UFO encounter over the moon is a "norm."

United States, "Apollo" moon

Fear no more the moon 30 years of the Soviet Union

A conspiracy theories that all human "manned lunar landing mission," an abrupt end 30 years ago, is out of the extraterrestrial presence on the moon the power of fear. Conspiracy theorists believe that the Moon is the Earth Extraterrestrial Intelligence of the best platform, it is not too far from Earth, and the side of the moon always face the Earth, this means that aliens can safely live in the other side of the moon . UFO experts say the other side of the moon dark, alien bases in several of this year, the Japanese astronomers photographed the lunar surface for several 500 meters to 1,000 meters long black object, they are a Z-shaped track running fast through the lunar surface.

NASA file proof of the moon, "Hollow said"

Soviet scientists and Kane Alexander Markov Chai Waxin Pakistan even believe that the moon is "hollow", and they think the moon is the result of a transformation of the planet intelligent beings. NASA a declassified files show that the moon is really in part of "hollow" in: April 1970, "Apollo" 13 spacecraft cabin service overheating oxygen tank suddenly exploded, followed by a length of 15 tons heavy metal parts of the rocket hurtled to the lunar surface, set on the moon seismograph recorded the shock of the aftermath of up to 3 hours. If the moon is solid, the sound lasts only a minute or so

Strange phenomenon for hundreds of years

1671, three hundred years ago, Cassini scientists discovered the moon had appeared a cloud.

April 1786, the father of modern astronomy discovered William Hessel surface of the moon seems to be a volcanic eruption, but scientists believe the moon in the past three billion years of volcanic activity has not, then the "volcano" What is it?

1843 has drawn hundreds of maps of the moon history of the German astronomer John Valley off and found that about 10 km wide crater is gradually smaller Lini, now, Lini pit is just a small point, surrounded by white sediment, scientists do not know why?

Round-days in April 1882, scientists discovered that the lunar surface, "Aristotle zone" with unknown moving objects. October 19, 1945, the lunar surface, "Darwin's Wall", there are three bright points of light. July 6, 1954 at Minnesota State Observatory, and his assistant, observed 皮克洛米尼 pit inside, there a black line, too soon gone. September 8, 1955, "Tai Luosi pit" the edge of a secondary flash. September 1956 Eve, the Japanese Meiji University, Toyota Bo soil observed several black objects, it seems arranged DYAX and JWA shape.

February 4, 1966, the Soviet Union landing unmanned spacecraft Luna 九号 "Rain sea", the photographed two rows of tower structures, from the same moment, Ivan Sand students, said: "They can form a strong reflection of sunlight, much like the sign next to the runway. "Dr. Ivanov estimated the length of its shadow, about 15 stories high, he said:" there is no high ground near the rock rolled down to now make these location and arrangement of geometric forms. "

In addition, Luna 九号 are "storm sea" edge of the photographed a mysterious cave, the moon because of his expert, Dr. Wiggins has found a hole in the Cassini A huge cave, so he believed that the round hole is the gateway to the moon inside.

November 1966 Nianri, the United States II spacecraft orbit at a distance, "Ning Jinghai" 46 km altitude, and photographed a number of pyramid structures, scientists estimated the height of 15 to 25 meters high, is also based on arranged in geometric forms, and color than the surrounding rocks and soil to be short, clearly not natural objects.

September 11, 1967, astronomers found that the composition of the Montreal team, "Ning Jinghai," a "black cloud around the purple."

These strange phenomena, that is not an ordinary layman, all astronomers and space probes of the report, means: the unknown man on the moon mystery!

UFO on the surface of

November 1968 round-Day, the sun god 八号 future spacecraft landing sites in the survey encountered a huge UFO about l0 square miles, but the second lap in the bypass to did not look at this thing. What is it? No one knows. Also on the 10th Apollo spacecraft from the lunar surface where fifty thousand empty, suddenly rocketing an unknown object close to them, a documentary filmed the encounter.

July 19, 1969, the 11th Apollo spacecraft carrying the astronauts toward the moon Sanwei, they will be the first people on earth on the moon, but the way in flying to the moon, astronauts see to the front of an unusual object, at first thought it was a Saturn IV rocket, it will confirm the call Space Center, Space Center to tell them who knows, Saturn IV booster six thousand miles away from them. Astros look with binoculars, that was L-shaped objects. Armstrong said: "like to open the suitcase." Sextant and then go, like a cylinder shape. Another astronaut Aldrin said: "We have also seen a number of small objects passing was a little vibration, and then saw this bright object passing"

Twenty days in July, when the boat landing on the moon Aldrin entered the final system checks, the sudden appearance of two UFOs, one of the large and bright, fast, after flying from the front parallel to the disappearance of a few seconds then appear, this time between the two injection beams interconnected objects, and suddenly separated in order to increase very quickly disappear.

Astronauts to the moon landing in the formal, the console call: "What is there? Task console called the sun god on the 11th."

Apollo on the 11th went so far as he answered: "These great baby good, sir ... many ...Oh, God! You can not believe, I tell you, there are other spacecraft, where the ring in the distance ... pit edge, lined with, ...they are watching us on the moon ... "

A Russian scientist look up, said: "According to our telecommunications interception showed a landing in the spaceship when in contact with the UFO matter was immediately reported it."

November 1969 Nianri, the sun god on the 12th lunar astronauts Conrad and Bian Deng found that UFO. August 1971 Apollo fifteenth, April 1972 Apollo on the 16th, December 1972 Apollo on the 17th, ... ... and so on are all astronauts When the moon, seen UFOs.

Scientists Gailey once said: "Almost all astronauts have seen the UFO."

Edward the sixth astronaut to the moon, said: "There is only one issue, that is where they come from?"

Ninth lunar astronaut John Young said: "If you do not believe, just as a sure thing do not believe."

1979, former NASA Director of Communications Mo Lishi. Charter even said, "and the UFO encounter" is a common scene in the Department, and said: "All spacecraft have a certain distance or a very close range by UFO had followed, when occurred, the astronauts call it and Task Center. "

A few years later, Armstrong said some of the content: "It is incredible ..., we have been warning too, had the city on the moon or space station, no doubt, ... I can only say that their space also superior than our boat, which is really great ..."

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