Major General Luo Yuan: China has no intention and ability to challenge the United States

June 3, 2011 CCTV "Global vision" broadcast "Shangri-La Dialogue welcomed China's first secretary of defense", the following is the program Record:

Moderator LO Chun-yan:

Good evening viewers, welcome to "Global vision", I labor Chunyan.

Today we first concern is being held at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore. Shangri-La Dialogue is the official name of the "Asian Security Conference." For decades, has been held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore, so there is some this may sound romantic alias. But in fact, Shangri-La Dialogue will discuss the topic but it is very formal and serious, and it is currently the Asia-Pacific regional security dialogue mechanism among the largest and one of the highest level of the multilateral conference. The United States, Japan, Australia and other countries have sent Secretary of Defense participants, demonstrating the widespread importance attached to it.

It is worth mentioning that the Chinese side also sent State Councilor and Defense Minister Liang, personally led a delegation to participate in Shangri-La Dialogue. This is the Shangri-La mechanism is established a decade, the Chinese defense minister attended the first camp. Now we see is the latest picture of this meeting is a picture of current affairs.

Participate in our discussions today is Deputy Secretary-General of Military Science Society Major General Luo Yuan, Hello. Another is the special commentator Mr. Du Wenlong, welcomed the two. Lo then, the first time at the Shangri-La Dialogue, in 2002, also as you were a member of the delegation participated in the meeting, tell us about it, the Shangri-La Dialogue is for all of China, in the end mean something? Especially as this time, we can say that the Chinese delegation on the specifications of more and more, this time to personally lead a delegation to attend the Minister Liang Shangri-La Dialogue, which means what?

Is Comment: Defense Minister participants enhance military transparency in China

Deputy Secretary-General Luo Yuanjun things Sciences, Major General:

Our Shangri-La Dialogue is an understanding of the process, there is a gradual process of running. The first time we joined the Shangri-La Dialogue in 2002, when our delegation was led by Foreign Affairs Bureau of the General Staff had Mau sea (sound), I was one of the members, we participated in the first Shangri-La Dialogue. Some changes after that, due to some complex background, we finally level personnel in attendance began to decrease, including the last is the number of military scholars and even some officials of Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the meeting.

In recent years, we look at Shangri-La Dialogue, we know it gradually gradually deepened, to think it is a self-defense type of outreach we have such a platform for national defense policy, but also the outside world a window to understand China, so now we in improving the level of the delegation, most recently, is the deputy chief Zhang Qinsheng, Ma Xiaotian, respectively, to the meeting, this is a highest level, Liang Secretary of Defense personally led a delegation to the meeting.

This is what we know is what it's like a process? Shangri-La will be the start is because you have talked about it the official name is "Asia Security Conference," but in fact we do not use the "Asian Security Council", or talk about our foreign "Shangri-La Dialogue." Why? We feel it is an Asian problem, it should be resolved by the Asian people themselves. And this will, it is a British background.

Major General Luo Yuan

LO Chun-yan:

London, is a call organized by London's International Institute for Strategic Studies.

Luo Yuan:

Sponsored by it, it is to sponsor, co-organized by Singapore to.

LO Chun-yan:

This should be a non-governmental organizations?

Luo Yuan:

This is an unofficial organization. But this we think there are still abroad, including U.S. Defense Secretary, the Deputy Defense Secretary often come will, we think this will or should, the Asian affairs should be resolved by the Asian people themselves, so we are using the name, you can have seen, we call Shangri-La Dialogue. Here it is that we have an understanding of the process, but in the end we found that this is one of our publicity in China, but also to the outside world to understand China's such a platform, so we said, we began to actively intervene to them to this meeting. It is the will, the actual terms, is a "track one half" of such a nature, "the first track is a half" what nature? Is both the official background, there are unofficial academic background. This official can listen to the views of academics, scholars can understand the government's views, they do not have any legal out some conclusions.

LO Chun-yan:

Is not the case, we dialogue, discuss, they also can be a little more relaxed?

Luo Yuan:

More relaxation, is a kind of talk, talk in nature, there is no legal basis anyway, I was each side, then this will be what benefit is that you say it was better than you tuck, you hide, tuck the .

LO Chun-yan:

But you look at it this topic, some more sensitive topics, such as we see among the three-day meeting this time, it has plenary session, and then there are special discussion, as well as closed-door consultations. We note that the information disclosed under the present, the special discussions, including this one specially designed for a special discussion of the territorial dispute, which means what? What will discuss some topics?

Are comments: the territorial dispute or in hot meeting

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Luo Yuan:

There may inevitably turn to the South China Sea, because of this you will want to Shangri-La, the South China Sea issue is always a can not escape a hot topic. Well, this issue, I think we can show that the Chinese side our own attitude. I say something, I'll like to live at home, this is my something, I want my neighbors to make it clear, this is my thing, it is owned by me, sooner or later you have to also to me. How to in the present case also, we can use some method of consultation to be resolved in this way, but you have to be made clear that the bottom line. So I said, and say that I am now talking about the bottom line for me, and said to understand a little better than your vision, we talked about is that sovereignty belongs to me, set aside disputes and seeking common development, which is one of our policy.

And now the South China Sea countries, in 2002, has reached a Declaration on Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea, we do not have other requirement is that you return to the Declaration on Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea in 2002, and this line, not like now some countries, Also sworn in there to the sovereignty, the issue again to the international poke up, I think this is not conducive to problem solve. So I think this, our defense minister talk about this matter, our position will be made clear point of view, will draw our bottom line.

Is Comment: Returning to Asia U.S. China policy "in the hard-soft"

LO Chun-yan:

Since the Shangri-La Dialogue, China will always be the focus of the State, we happen to make good use of this platform. We also note that the United States can be said Shangri-La Dialogue has always been a very important member, this time in the United States Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who come to the meeting this way, also accepted a reporter's interview, which is , there are many when it comes to China, it has a statement that the U.S. does not believe the strength of China has a challenge, and that the United States to reduce military spending will not lead to the decline of military power in the Asia Pacific region. The Gates seems reminiscent of the attitude our Chen Bingde General, recently visited the United States, when some of the position, should be said that Gates's position, or stand comparison with the total length of tune Chen also said China will not threaten the U.S. . So how to analyze this statement does he? Mr. Du.

Expert view: China has no intention to challenge the U.S.

Du Wenlong Commentator:

This position, I feel there is indeed a coincidence that this subtlety, the general feeling that China has no intention to challenge the United States. Because some time ago, the United States BBC it released a set of data, such as fighter aircraft, China is the number of U.S. contrast, submarines, aircraft carriers, and even nuclear warheads, made it very fine, have you compared the number of point of view, indeed, the Chinese armed forces accounted for disadvantage, the U.S. military has an absolute advantage. For instance, stealth fighter is 139:0, the aircraft carrier is 11:0, that does have the advantage.

Currently the United States from China's military spending and military, of course, this is a very sensitive topic, it was calculated that such an account, that is, the consumption of a Chinese soldier he is 4 million, but a U.S. soldier, and his consumption is 42 million U.S. dollars, so the difference is relatively large middle. Another 600 Chinese soldiers to defend Chinese citizens, but an American soldier, only to defend the 200 U.S. citizens. So from this responsibility and the resources available to his point of view, indeed the gap is relatively large. I feel that this conclusion should be the objective.

Luo Yuan:

Mr. Du was just introduced the balance of power between China and the U.S., he is talking about a hard power, in fact, there is a purpose, that it is a story about an international state institutions do not pose a threat to another country, it has a formula , called the threat = intention × capacity. Part of this capacity, he had mentioned earlier Komori, and now want to address is the intention. Is that China is the only one declared no first use of nuclear weapons, is the only announced the striking, striking defense strategy to take such a country. From our history, we, too, are to advocate and as expensive. Therefore, from this cultural tradition, historical tradition, we do not threaten any country, and recognize our country is now not seek hegemony, not to dominate the future stronger. Comrade Deng Xiaoping even make such a commitment, if any of them to dominate the next government after the powerful, the world and the Chinese people for a people can rise up and overthrow this government. Then this shows that any national leader would not make such a commitment is that we both did not go to challenge the United States, or the intention to threaten other countries, there is no capacity in this area.

LO Chun-yan:

So this is definitely at the Shangri-La Dialogue is what we want to convey to the outside world at a very important message.

Luo Yuan:

It is the outside world need to understand China, we need China to the outside world to understand China.

LO Chun-yan:

Yes, this requires communication, requires dialogue.

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