JF-17 Thunder is more suitable for Chinese aircraft carrier than J-15 fighter

CHINA MILITARY: "Chinese Aircraft carrier has been under construction, but have not yet completed!" Just this one sentence has so much attention around the world, saying this is because the PLA Chief of General Staff Chen Bingde. This is by far, the first senior Chinese military officials confirmed the existence of domestic aircraft carrier project.

Varyag aircraft carrier in sunrise

What kind of Chinese-made aircraft-based carrier? How much China will build aircraft carriers? In the end choose which carrier-based aircraft on the ship? How to use Chinese aircraft carrier? These are the foreign media and military experts concern. However, with the Chinese military as saying that Western countries do not need to worry about China's aircraft carrier project. People's Liberation Army Assistant Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Qi Jianguo said that China is facing many complex marine issues, China pursues a defensive strategy, even if built aircraft carrier, it will not "open to other people where to go." Jiang Shi Guo Vision newspaper on Zhuangao

JF-17 Thunder formation taking off

China to build four aircraft carrier battle groups

Chinese military presence in the domestic carrier position after the item overseas more concerned about the number of Chinese aircraft carrier issue. Newspaper has issued a report in January of this year, China is likely to build four aircraft carriers, and the formation of four aircraft carrier fleet. The former two for the conventionally powered aircraft carrier, with the "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier like; will likely be after the two nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Thus, the PLA Navy to the 2020s will have a team of four carrier-strong navy.CHINA MILITARY

It now appears that this view has been a number of foreign media and experts confirmed. Russia has the world's arms trade center on the analysis, said China will build aircraft carriers in two stages, planning the formation of four aircraft carrier battle groups deployed in the South China Sea and East China Sea.

Russia said the world's arms trade center, according to their master the news, as of the end of January this year, China has completed the Ukraine did not actually completed the "Kuznetsov" aircraft modification work. Before the beginning of June this year, the radar installation is complete. Generally speaking, we can say that the "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier to enter the work state of the preparatory work will be completed sea trials planned for end of this year.

As the "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier was the owner, the Russian ship is not built very well with what kind of aircraft carrier capability. U.S. Surface Warfare Center Weapons expert James Posa special that the Chinese navy plans to "Kuznetsov" was as a teaching carrier to carrier battle familiar with the use of tactics, the construction of aircraft carriers must master the technology. Available information shows that the further development of the Chinese Navy to build aircraft carrier fleet is a key part. Within the framework of this program will be a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Corporation in Shanghai Jiangnan Changxing shipyard built China's first aircraft carrier made, there have been completed all necessary infrastructure.

According to the Russian arms trade center world view, China plans to build aircraft carriers in two stages. In the first phase, planned for 2015-2016 years ago, the use of conventional power plant built two aircraft carrier, plans to set up in 2020, the first two aircraft carrier battle group. The construction of aircraft carriers in the implementation of the plan, China will also develop domestic carrier-based fighter; in the second phase, plans to build two displacement of about 6.5 million tons of medium-sized aircraft carrier, the use of nuclear power plant. China's future naval plans to build four aircraft carrier battle groups deployed to the South China Sea and East China Sea, the main purpose is to ensure that China complete military superiority in ocean and coastal waters of the task, and the Corps of the Navy to provide air cover for landing troops air support.

China to build aircraft carriers for purely defensive purposes to say that some Japanese scholars and the media questioned. Japanese naval experts Yoshihara Jun wells, said different types of aircraft, uses naturally not the same. For example, Japan's displacement of nearly 20,000 tons of DDH helicopter destroyer (and quite a helicopter carrier) carrying only anti-submarine helicopters and other types of helicopters, which can only play defense and naval combat support role. The Chinese-made aircraft carrier, whether conventional or after the nuclear power, are of 50,000 tons displacement, the carrier-based aircraft also equipped with jet fighters, hence the implementation of the future is certainly the main offensive combat missions.

Do not go the old Soviet Union

As China's refurbished "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier is close to completion, so many people think, "Kuznetsov" was in fact China's first aircraft carrier, and China's future may be along the road of the former Soviet Union aircraft carrier .

U.S. Naval War College Professor Erickson wrote that China's first aircraft carrier, "Varyag" was there four defects, even in the water this year will not pose a threat to the United States. First, Kuznetsov aircraft carrier could be deployed to have gathered more than ten multi-national carrier of the Pacific fleet, an aircraft carrier in China will not account for the number of advantages here; Secondly, Kuznetsov aircraft carrier-based aircraft fleet enough combat power, carrier-based aircraft also inferior to the U.S. F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, but has not advanced electronic fighters, transport aircraft and fixed-wing carrier-based early warning aircraft, and this gap will widen. Third, Kuznetsov aircraft carrier self-defense capability is extremely weak, the lack of sufficient quantities of submarines and warships escort. Fourth, China has not resolved the issue of self-developed advanced engine, it will Kuznetsov aircraft carrier's greatest weakness.

Cheuk Yin Chinese naval experts, referring to the "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier, also bluntly said, "this ship, we can generalize that neither fish nor fowl, because of their own it is to build a large cruise ship plus large carrier planes and ships, named for the former Soviet Union to its carrier aircraft cruiser, we say that is neither fish nor fowl is the mule, the comprehensive combat capability of single-ship anti-ship capability and regional air defense capability, but it is with the anti-submarine helicopter, the platform nothing really fine, but not to complex, so 'Kuznetsov' that more than 60,000 tons of large ships has chosen to conventional power, not nuclear. "

China's aircraft carrier road Gairuhezou? In fact, the development of the former Soviet Union aircraft carrier that year when I had this problem. Soviet equipment, second-generation "fixed-wing aircraft carrier" (the first took the helicopter carrier), because the aviation industry is relatively backward, failed to timely develop and produce a qualified carrier aircraft, the aircraft carrier in the armed forces after a long period of time in dilemma of useless.

The third generation of the former Soviet Union aircraft carrier, which is the only active aircraft carrier Russia - "Admiral Kuznetsov" and the post-Soviet Ukraine sold China the "Kuznetsov" was. With the former, the Russians did not find so far is still the best carrier-based aircraft with model, despite its carrier-based fighter's combat capability is relatively reliable, but lagging behind other support aircraft, making the overall combat capability of aircraft is quite limited, even in 2008 voyage in the Mediterranean show of strength was, but the visiting national media spicy sarcasm and ridicule, the Russian aircraft carrier expected deterrence is gone.

Former Soviet Union to Russia, despite spending a lot of money on the aircraft carrier, but the benefits are few, in addition to the above mentioned aircraft carrier combat capability does not match the reason lies in the Soviet Navy suffered institutional constraints. In the traditional "continental army" under the framework of the Soviet Navy is a supporting combat forces. Served as commander in chief of the former Soviet Union Army generals often, they will be guarded army to bring down the vertical bureaucracy of the Navy, the Navy and then the hands and feet shackled. Although the former Soviet Navy aircraft carrier equipped, but its low level of command applications, it is difficult to achieve professional and professional level.CHINA MILITARY

In contrast the Western Naval Command mode, as its social structure the concept of equality in general, all the voyage of the ship on the ocean is flat, may be directing operations at the end, everything depends on real-time dynamic battlefield. Differences between the two of the command mode of thinking, and the derivative of the "continental" and "ocean" of national strategies, from different social context of life experience, in a sense, it can be said that some sort of social development inevitable, while the carrier is a symbolic marker of this feature.

Future aircraft carriers in China, "coastal defense" of how the strategy will play a role, we do not know, but we have seen in the history of the former Soviet Union left the lesson. Therefore, to avoid Soviet aircraft carrier approached the old strategy, the development of China's aircraft carrier principle must always bear in mind.

Chinese navy plans to "Kuznetsov" was as a teaching carrier to carrier battle familiar with the use of tactics, the construction of aircraft carriers must master the technology. China Shipbuilding Corporation's Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai Changxing Island made the construction of China's first aircraft carrier, there have been completed all necessary infrastructure.

Aircraft carrier: "Flying Leopard" to replace the F -15

Aircraft carrier strike capability in order to play, mainly dependent on carrier-based fighter, the selection of the aircraft carrier-based fighter will determine how strong the attack. Before discussing the Chinese-made fighter aircraft may be equipped with, the foreign media and experts are more concentrated in the carrier-based F-type -15 and -10 F, the two candidate models. F -15 because by the Russian Su-33 carrier-based fighter aircraft modeled, and the Su-33 is the "Kuznetsov" was equivalent carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" carrier-based fighter on, so as -15 F China's first aircraft carrier the loudest voices.

J-10, as China's homegrown third-generation semi-fighter, has a very good operational performance, and electronic equipment and weapons systems in China is active in more advanced aircraft. Therefore, carrier-based J-10 has become converted into many Chinese military expert support. After all, the J-10 has entered the mass production stage, which means that the J-10 has very good stability, folding wings, and as long as the carrier landing to solve the problem, can become a qualified carrier-based fighter.

However, the recent U.S. Naval War College professor Sven-Goran Eriksson believes that focus on the structural characteristics of carrier-based aircraft, use of the environment and China's relatively unique operational requirements, the PLA Naval Air Force have been equipped for years of "Flying Leopard" fighter-bomber F relative to -15 Model J-10 carrier-based fighter and improved equipment is more suitable for Chinese aircraft carrier.CHINA MILITARY

First, a fighter must have the following conditions are usually only as a carrier-based aircraft on the ship. Namely: double, reliability, high security, relatively mature, solid body structure, the ability to mount a strong, far range, suitable for use in high humidity high salt environment. "Flying Leopard" fighter and the F -15 fighter basically have the above requirements, the J-10 uses a single engine. In addition, the "Flying Leopard" as a pure Chinese descent and fighters have been equipped naval air forces in China for many years, very familiar with a variety of technical performance, technical and human-machine running has reached a very high level.

Second, relative to China in the use of J-10, J-11 made this cautious on new fighter, the "Flying Leopard" fighter use is even more frequent and arbitrary. As a major battle for the Navy attack aircraft, either the frequency or intensity of use, should be much higher than use the same import fighter Su-30MKK. Not yet in service in relation to the so-called China's new carrier-based aircraft F-15, "Flying Leopard" fighter aircraft will undoubtedly be able to quickly adapt to the equipment, and combat as soon as possible.

Thirdly, as the main fighting force of carrier-based aircraft fixed-wing aircraft must have a certain air and sea attack capability strong. And grew out of air superiority fighter F -15 fighter, air combat performance no doubt, but whether sufficient sea attack capability is very doubtful. Moreover, the "Su-33" display system and ergonomic design with the "Su-27" or less, the overall optical system to lag behind other new models F/A-18E/F carrier-based fighter. Although improved after launched, with a digital fax system, an increase of the sea, the land-attack mode, but because of economic reasons, remained in the demonstrator phase. This also determines that China can not Su-33 carrier-based fighter aircraft procurement, is unlikely to adopt performance than the Su-33 is not much to improve the F-15 carrier-based fighter. In contrast, "Flying Leopard" from the initial design, positioned as a Navy fighter-bombers, which determines the "Flying Leopard" not only has a certain air combat capability, but also with a strong attack on the sea, in the service after a series of exercises, have demonstrated their strong on the sea as well as on land attack capability.

Therefore, as the first type of Chinese self-developed and manufactured high-performance aircraft, "Flying Leopard" in terms of operational proficiency to the flight stability, to air and sea attack capability, to be more competitive than other candidate models. But also from China's aircraft carrier construction timetable, F -15 to aircraft flight test is complete before completion of the construction, commissioning, setting a series of work, the difficulty is very great. The "Flying Leopard" in this area has plenty of time.CHINA MILITARY

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