A U.S. Marine exposed Osama Bin Laden sea burial details: to ensure its body sunk with the submarine

Osama bin Laden killed by U.S. forces on April 30, but also buried at sea in the Arabian Sea within 24 hours, U.S. forces have not show any evidence. Aircraft carrier Carl Vinson responsible for Osama Bin Laden sea burial arrived in Hong Kong for a visit,  U.S. military prohibits soldiers talk about Osama Bin Laden sea burial. However, after a while Carnival on shore, some soldiers who witnessed this historical event  couldn't help but say the details of bin Laden sea burial to Hong Kong reporters.

According to Hong Kong media reports, the Carl Vinson arrived in Hong Kong, a large number of U.S. troops landing Bar Street, Wan Chai, drinking and fun. Journalists to the identity of customers into a bar, a restaurant full of U.S. military presence, the reporter asked about bin Laden to the two soldiers were buried at sea, they are laughing all the military orders without talking about the grounds. But we chatted for a while and then suddenly one of the soldiers to the waiter by a pen, paper towels in the meal drew a diagram, above aircraft carriers, submarines, and a representative of Osama bin Laden sink in the sea the body of the object.

 Hong Kong media quoted the soldiers, the U.S. military refers to Osama bin Laden's body was wrapped with a white cloth, and then loaded into a bag, the officer read out by a Muslim scriptures, while the other read out the translation into Arabic. Finished reading, the body was placed in a flat, slowly tilt the plate, the body slide into the North Arabian Sea in homeopathy. The ceremony lasted about 45 minutes, the entire process with the U.S. recording the sidelines.

 Osama bin Laden buried at sea during the ceremony, the submarine on the seabed to participate, to ensure that the body sank Yu Wan Bin Laden feet deep seabed.

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