Cooperation against terrorism U.S. military and intelligence agencies increasingly close

During the Cold War, the U.S. military and intelligence are two parallel lines, but this time the cold hunting Osama bin Laden from the point of view, not only cross the two parallel lines also are united, some people say this is a new anti-terrorism strategy How should we understand it?

We should attach great importance to new trends, because after the killing action, the current series in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the terrorist attacks clearly tell you that the war on terrorism with the death of Osama bin Laden is not resolved, since the war on terror also crushed, the United States is what kind of tactics and strategies to continue to advance his anti-terrorist action, it is worth a high degree of attention.

This time, bin Laden's death action from the action today, just about 3 weeks, the U.S. media have disclosed all the decision-making process, gives us the true intent of this process the United States, there are strategic considerations have a clearer understanding. In this operation, it is clear we see the "9.11", U.S. military intelligence and close cooperation with the United States reached a peak, this action reflects two characteristics.

A characteristic of the militarization of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency CIA, another feature of the fight against terrorism the United States or of U.S. military special operations, these two features as Obama had announced a new national security team, this link may be growing. According to Obama's national security team had announced restructuring plan, at least two candidates drew attention, one is the implementation of the hunt Osama bin Laden, CIA Director Panetta action, turn the Pentagon as the U.S. Secretary of Defense .

Two in the leadership of the war on terrorism, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan learned that top commander Gen. David Petraeus, will succeed him as the CIA, General Petraeus we all think he is in two war on terror, a large number of Use the special operations situation. Of particular concern is the president before the upcoming visit to Europe at the time accepted the multinational BBC interview, he pointed out that the U.S. does not rule out the future continue to leap, the President of the heads of the terrorist hunt, which means whether the United States will hunt Osama bin Laden action, as established by way of this special operations, more to the future use of the fight against terrorism.

We then consider another point, namely the U.S. is now likely to face a relatively long period of time, cut defense spending, special operations although this situation will not often used, but as a relatively high cost, as against a high political value The goal of the more successful strategy is likely in the future for like Yemen, there are other areas when the heads of terrorist organizations will be used.

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