Taiwan to build twin-hulled "Stealth" warship to deal with Chinese carrier

Taiwanese version of "aircraft carrier killer"

According to Taiwan media reports, the highly stealth boat, hull design with streamlined and introverted, anti-radar use of steel materials, special coatings and stealth new propeller noise reduction. As a result of catamaran hull, and thus highly mobile, fast evacuation of wartime deployment, flexible, fast, and concealment and other notable features, especially for offshore covert assault operations. In addition, the class ship strike capability in addition to the powerful, the boats on fire in self-defense configuration is also true that in the case of attack, the implementation of self-defense operations, which are strong survive.

From Taiwan to disclose information to analysis, we determine the type of patrol vessels of the basic properties: the captain may exceed 40 meters, 20 meters wide ship, the standard displacement of 500 tons, 600 tons full load displacement, the maximum speed of about 32 nautical miles / hour, endurance of about 12 days. The ship first dual hull design, the key consideration of the overall stealth performance, and thus smooth the shape looks simple, but the entire hull structure to diamond-shaped reflection of electromagnetic waves, in addition to highlighting the stern near Artillery, almost no other apparent radar reflector. Stealth effect from the ship's entire run, expected to close one of its radar reflection area of ​​dozens of tons of small boats, a good stealth effect.

Pictures from the ship's computer analysis, the layout and weapon configuration is as follows: bow before the deck is a stealth performance of 76 mm with "Otto" rapid-fire guns. Gun is driving behind the control room, the room was swept top is shaped three semi-enclosed mast structure, the above electronic equipment is also very simple, there are only placed a "Sea Tiger" on the sea-surveillance radar, a search / fire control radar, and other small electronic devices. Behind the cab is the main battle ship weapons - the two "Hsiung Feng -2" and "Treasures -3" supersonic anti-ship missiles. These missile launchers hidden in the hull of the two large central shutter door after the shielding windows, and these shield in the opened window after discharge will be able to launch the missile in the missile plume, will be able to improve the missile boats in the closed the stealth. Ship self-defense system is a 20 mm 6 "Phalanx" near Artillery, mainly used to intercept incoming aerial targets. In addition, electronic equipment and is expected to ship combat system represents the best current level of naval units, in addition to the radar, but also may include research and development of Taiwan Navy ship with "Great" system, "Sea Dart" ship subsystems and NGPS echolocation system.

To get big with small naval strategy

Taiwan Navy's combat vessels Zengyin large number of small and medium anti-ship missiles and equipped with the "distinguished" a moment, but the procurement of foreign technology are imitated. After the pursuit of the so-called large-scale, missiles, Taiwan's navy was to give up the development of small and medium sized ships, instead of imitation through the introduction of technology and medium-sized surface ships. Replacement of political parties in Taiwan after the Nationalist government came to power again, vowed to build a small but excellent, small but strong defense force, for which Taiwan is also offensive defense strategy of active defense adjusted, Taiwan's navy also took the opportunity once again to thousands of tons as a priority the development of small and medium sized vessels, accelerate the development of new small and medium sized ships.

In recent years, positive developments in China's large and very large naval naval force is toward large-scale surface warships, missiles, information technology, carriers of the aspects of development, the strength of the rejection of Taiwan has been far behind. However, most of them military, alarmed by the Taiwan side, the mainland military has abandoned its offshore defense strategy, highlighting the power of the ocean to build a "blue water" navy, and its modern aircraft carrier battle groups have been vividly want out which is Taiwan's most feared encirclement of the critical situation has been surrounded. If the mainland's military containment in the small island of Taiwan, Taiwan will face more active defense is broken, stretched, overwhelmed by the complexity of the situation, but the island has no real defense in depth, the focus of all of its goals will be destroyed at any risk of facing the Council, basically no room for maneuver.

If Taiwan through efforts to develop the power to destroy the aircraft carrier, they can tear at a critical time to escape the hole, but also to some extent encouraged by the Taiwan military's combat effectiveness. Can be assumed that Taiwan's large surface ships and limited underwater attack force in the large armed forces in joint blockade, it is very likely not be separated from the Air Force's protective circle the island, even as the focus of the beginning of the war targets, its survival into question. The new development of the "fast sea" anti-aircraft program catamaran patrol vessels, they can use their small size and good performance characteristics of stealth aircraft carrier battle groups close to the mainland, and then rely on the ships are equipped with the "Hsiung Feng -3-type" missile about 300 km range, coupled with its use of the supersonic ramjet engine, the mainland carrier battle group is difficult to intercept, not to mention the type of ship would certainly take more than a saturation attack missiles volley tactics, and thus a great chance of successful attack is bound to will cause the Navy's special attention to the mainland.

According to Agence France-Presse reported that a senior official of Taiwan's military said 18 of Taiwan began in 2012 a new catamaran equipped with guided missiles stealth warship, naval forces to respond to the development of the mainland. Allegedly, this stealth missile boats are expected to be in the mainland after the first aircraft carrier battle groups to join Taiwan's navy service.

Currently, "Taiwan's navy" to "fast sea" as the codename for the ship.

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