Chinese WZ-10: the engine is very different from before

WZ-10 flying in formation may indicate that the picture has been in service

WZ -10 broke the siege

As the first-made helicopter gunships, arms straight -10 Army Aviation of China is the future platform for the main fire. But before that, China has the rice to Russia -28 "catastrophe" and the card -52 "Black Shark" helicopter gunships were both very interested and want to buy once the news came.

If a single level of maturity on the development of the project, China Aviation's WZ -10 ranked in the "Apache"-D and card -50/52, -28 m, after the technical problems existing in the same time even more than the Russian armed Helicopter greater. Open for two Russian helicopters had come from France, Israel, technical assistance, which is China's current international environment is difficult to achieve. WZ -10 with P & W Canada produced PT6C-76C engine, the engine in accordance with existing standards, a single thrust to 1250kW, which may make mobility WZ -10, weapon carrying capacity is limited. To fire due to the lack a clear picture, whether its 30 mm gun turret is the use of licensed production of the Russian 2A72-type guns, is also worth further observation.

However, military enthusiasts WZ -10 compared the latest photos and the testing machine before the photo appeared on the Internet and found out loaded weapons straight -10 and testing of aircraft are very different, in addition to the driver cockpit has changed, the most obvious is the engine is totally different. Have claimed the know sources, the test machine is the Canadian production of PT6C-67C engine, but under pressure from the United States, Canada abolished the delivery plan, which the Chinese WZ -10 out of time had to postpone installation. Recent aircraft engine R & D in China has made breakthroughs in the column is now filled with WZ -10 using a domestic WZ-9 engine.

So far WZ -10 public photos seems to mount a unilateral four Red Arrow -10 anti-tank missiles. Combat capability can rely on 8 days Yan -90 air missiles. In addition, it equipped with FLIR, TV channel, laser ranging, most likely through the irradiation system in South Africa, Israel, or France to win. However, publicly available information to see, never found WZ -10 had any kind of mast is equipped with radar, which shows the night fighting capability WZ -10 Biapaqi-D, card, -52, m-28N to be low.

As information warfare capabilities, the Canadian "Chinese Defense Review" magazine claimed that in recent years have found that the Army begin to notice these problems, and even in the text more attention than the Russian military, but the Taiwan Army is equipped with a similar kind of JTIDS Joint Tactical Information transmission system, is still unknown.

PLA's "low-killer"

WZ -10 type helicopters that China is developing a dedicated armed helicopters, ground forces will be responsible for killing the local task, they can even start with the fight in the enemy's armed helicopters. Army Aviation in China's role and the "Apache" helicopters in the U.S. in the role is quite. Therefore, the direct -10 on the progress of weapons has been of great concern to the Western media.

Earlier, the British "Jane's Defense Weekly" reported that "China's military-type helicopters straight -10 program is making steady progress." "Jane" and this special armed helicopters known as the "People's Liberation Army killer trees."

Canada, "Han and Defense Review," said Acosta in recent years is the helicopter business in the western most closely with the Chinese partners in cooperation, so "Chinese Defense Review," that the direct -10 in the former military-looking infrared (FLIR) system laying position, the engine installation, design and other aspects of tail Acosta produced with A-129 type helicopters approaching.

In addition, China's "Aviation World" magazine has published an article that is designed to perform as a sea of ​​new operations and high altitude combat helicopters and new armed helicopter gunship helicopters and active compared with the strong engine power , and many other advanced aerodynamic advantages, fire control systems, and optical sighting system close to Western levels, and also a great plane load of bombs. The overall performance of the aircraft is expected with the European "tiger" type helicopters similar.

As for the direct -10 basic fire arms, some overseas media that the PLA is already initiated the development of the appropriate weapon systems. And many weapons systems are readily available. British "China Today defense" that the WZ -10 armed helicopters will be equipped with a 30-mm cannon, a pair of short wing mounted weapons can carry anti-tank missiles and other weapons. Ready-made weapons systems, including: "Red Arrow -9", "Red Arrow -8" different series of anti-tank missiles, a new generation of the TY (TY) -90 air to air missiles. In addition, there is news that China specifically developed for the WZ -10 developed the "Red Arrow -10" anti-tank missiles, these missiles and AGM-114 U.S. military-type "Hellfire" anti-tank missiles similar.

Some overseas commented that, as a world-class medium-sized helicopters, WZ -10 weapon performance, electronic equipment may be slightly behind the U.S. "Apache" helicopters, like the heavily armed, but the performance may be superior mobility and air combat . Therefore, comprehensive performance WZ -10 with "Apache" comparable to the most important Chinese military helicopter straight -10 to upgrade their technology for nearly 20 years.

Recently, some foreign media about the spread of the network on the new armed helicopters in China, "Wu straight -10" to determine the latest news and pictures, this dedicated to the armed helicopters, ground attack is likely to have entered the deployment phase. The article said that the new force in the direct -10 fighter helicopter picture has been painted on the dark green, and the "LH" word at the beginning of the number, displayed in Army aviation service. WZ -10 is the first designed specifically for combat helicopters, combat Western experts estimate can be comparable to the U.S. Apache attack helicopters.