Mullah omar killed?

mullah omar killed?

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mullah omar

Mullah omar killed? Afghanistan, an unnamed intelligence official told Xinhua, 23 confirmed that the Afghan intelligence service had received the exact message, A Taliban leader Mullah Omar was killed in Pakistan. 

It is reported that Omar is in the western city of Quetta from Pakistan to North Waziristan when they were killed. 

Afghan TOLO TV 23, a local television station also quoted the morning of the Afghan intelligence official as saying that Omar has been killed in Pakistan, but that time was killed. 

Afghan intelligence officials say they received similar information, will be in the local time at 14:00 on the 23rd press conference. 

Afghan president said the death is not yet confirmed Omar 

According to Dutch media BNO NEWS5 23 reported that two Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman and Afghan President Hamid Karzai have said they could not confirm or deny the message. Karzai's spokesman said: "just like you, we are also heard by a local television station the news. I do not know the true extent of how much." 

Taliban denies Mullah Omar dead 

May 23, Reuters news, the Afghan Taliban spokesman denied that its leader Mullah Omar was killed in Pakistan in the news. The Taliban spokesman said Mullah Omar is alive and currently in Afghanistan. 

"He is now in Afghanistan, unharmed," a spokesman for the Taliban in a hidden location by telephone interview with Reuters, said, "We are against these baseless reports said that Omar had died." 

Sources said the Taliban leader Mullah Omar was killed 2 days ago 

The source said that Omar was killed 2 days ago. The source said that Pakistan-based Omar left up to the North Waziristan on the way, was Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) director Gul (Hamid Gul) General killed. 

Taliban leader Mullah Omar was killed allegedly for bin Laden son 

Afghan intelligence officials said today that the Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar was killed in Pakistan. It is reported that Omar almost no human contact with the outside world, the facial characteristics of his few outsiders know. Omar has 3 wives, one of whom was Osama bin Laden's daughter. 

Information: Taliban leader Mullah Omar in Afghanistan 

1959 Nuode He was born in the village in Kandahar province of Afghanistan, parents are farm laborers, all believe in Islam. 

Islamic "holy war" to attract the Omar, who fought with bin Laden, and forged a profound friendship. During the battle, Omar took the lead, showing bravery, was promoted to deputy commander. In a battle lost his left eye, hence the name "one-eyed general." 

In 1994, he was the main members of the Taliban, the establishment of a team. September 1996, the Taliban captured Kabul and established the interim government took over, since then, Omar has actually become the supreme leader of Afghanistan's political arena. 

Information: Taliban 

Kandahar is the Taliban in Afghanistan region originated in the Islamic fundamentalist movement. The Taliban, in Persian, meaning the students, most of its members are Islamic schools in Afghan refugee camps for students, it is also known as the Islamic Army of students. Maulvi Omar, the leader is. Bin Laden was killed, the Taliban early May 2011 that Pakistan will become the number one goal of revenge. 

May 1995 and 6 months, the Taliban launched a code-named "into Kabul," the campaign, and soon controlled almost 40% of the country of Afghanistan. The same year on September 26, occupied the radio and TV stations and the presidential palace. At this point, the Taliban have full control of the capital, after including the capital Kabul and took control of the country, including more than 90% of the territory. 2001 "9-11" incident, the U.S. military strikes, the Taliban regime collapsed, some remnants into the mountains. After its long hidden in the mountains. 

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