China agreed to take over and manage Gwadar Pakistan

JF-17 fighter plane

Pakistan today said it hoped that China helps Pakistan build a naval base. Pakistan's relations with Washington as the cracks, which is Pakistan's latest move to strengthen Sino-Pakistani relations. 

Pakistani Defense Minister Mukhtar said in a statement, if the Chinese government in the construction of Gwadar as a naval base in Pakistan, "We will thank the Chinese government." 

Secretary of Defense issued the statement in Pakistan the day before, Palestinian Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has just completed a 4-day trip to China to return home. China is Pakistan's largest arms supplier. 

【Pakistan "Forum Express" reported on May 22】 Question: China is ready to operate Gwadar 

China has agreed to let it take over the management of Pakistan on the request of Gwadar, Islamabad, Beijing is also requested to help it build a naval base in Gwadar. 

Prime Minister Gilani to visit China in the Sui, Pakistan Defense Minister Mukhtar said: "The Chinese government has accepted Pakistan's request, the agreement with the Port of Singapore Authority as soon as possible after the expiration of Gwadar took over the business." 

Mukhtar said Pakistan requested credit from China, 4400-ton frigate. He added: "We also request the Chinese government to train our personnel in the submarine." Mukhtar said Pakistan thanked China for the construction of Gwadar Port, but "if the Chinese Government in the construction of Gwadar as a naval base in Pakistan, that even thanked. " 

【United States, "Defense News" weekly reported on May 21 sites】 Question: strengthening relations between Pakistan and India concerns 

India's "deep concern" China and Pakistan's deepening military relationship between, saying it must develop its own military strength to respond to challenges. A ・ K ・ Indian Defense Minister Antony told reporters in New Delhi on the 20th, said: "For us, this is a worthy deep concern. Mainly, we have to enhance their strength, this is the only answer." 

It is reported that China plans a joint production agreement, accelerate the delivery of 50 aircraft to Pakistan, the new JF-17 "Fierce Dragon" multi-purpose fighter. Later, Anthony made the above comments. 

Anthony also said that insurgents in Pakistan's hiding place is New Delhi's another "major concern." Indian military officials have said the ability to launch in India as the U.S. military killed in Pakistan as bin Laden's attacks, Anthony declined to comment on. 

Anthony also said that India may be at the end of March 2012 before the signing of a contract to buy 126 fighter jets the Air Force. 

【Voice of America Radio web site on May 21 reported】 Question: serious concern in India Pakistan military cooperation 

Indian Defense Minister of China and the increasingly close military cooperation between Pakistan expressed serious concern, saying the need for India to enhance its defense capabilities. Indian defense experts believe that the U.S. should pay close attention to the military exchanges between China and Pakistan, a corresponding adjustment to the policy of aid to Pakistan. 

Justin Birgit former Indian Air Force General Singh said that apart from JF-17 "Fierce Dragon" fighter outside of China is also ready to provide Pakistan with F -10 fighter. 

He said: "China and Pakistan will produce 250 JF-17 fighters, more than 50. This 50 is produced in China. They are also prepared to provide Pakistan with the latest fourth-generation fighter F -10, plans to Pakistan delivery of two squadrons. China has provided Pakistan the design of nuclear weapons materials and technology. China established a Pakistan free of charge throughout the defense industry. " 

Justin Kit Singh said: "The United States provided to Pakistan has been active in the new F-16 fighters, hoping the Pakistani military to carry out pro-American policy, but actually Pakistan's pro-China policy. China's influence in Pakistan, to a large in the United States for all the efforts in Pakistan, it is worth examining the macro. Pakistan and claimed that China is a friend of the United States can only use. " 

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