Russian experts proposed to sale MiG-35 fighters to Pakistan against India

To speed up the modernization of India is the global large-scale procurement of military weapons and equipment worth more than 126 multi-billion dollar aircraft procurement program, but aroused fierce competition the world's major arms dealers. And most surprisingly, the Russian MiG -35 and the U.S. F-16, F/A-18 together be eliminated. Russia Russian experts on the proposal to sell MiG -35 Pakistan, the Indian Air Force's decision to make corrections.

According to the Russian Interfax news April 28, for India's refusal to purchase the MiG -35 fighters, will the Russian Center for Strategic and technical analysis, deputy director Konstantin • Markey Extension Division, said: "Russia should make the decision of the Indian Air Force for their consequences. Moscow traditionally arms sales to Pakistan to exercise restraint, and in India refused to buy the new situation in the MiG -35, should re-examine this policy. "He believes that Pakistan Air Force may buy aircraft at the same time China and the U.S. also buy MiG -35.

Markey Extension Section also said the Indian Air Force MiG -35 purchases in a single bid had no chance to win big, especially in India to join Russia after the fifth-generation fighter development program. He explained that Russia had taken control of the Indian market, heavy fighters, signed and partial fulfillment of the Su-30MKI fighters 230 export contracts, and the final number could grow to 270 or even 310.. In addition, in recent 10-15 years, Russian-made MiG-29K is the Indian Navy will continue the level of the main and only carrier-based aircraft taking off and landing. Therefore, in the medium-term prospects of India's MiG left a very narrow market space that has produced a significant upgrade and improve the potential of the MiG-29K.

Markey extended families in the interview, also pointed out that the Indian Air Force multi-role fighter the first phase of an international tender most unexpected result, the two U.S. fighters - F-16 and F/A-18 also be eliminated, because they had been that is most likely to win in the bidding. He said: "U.S. warplanes despite superior performance, but not yet able to enter the final bidding stage. The most likely cause is politically motivated, that India worry about being too dependent on the U.S. combat system. Another reason may be that U.S. technology in India transfers of dissatisfaction. "

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