Lasted J-15 pictures exposed again! Folding wings clearly visible

Dynamic cutting-edge military technology in China has been the focus of foreign media hot one. Recently appeared on Chinese Internet J -15 (J-15) carrier-based fighter photos revived hot, some critics say it is more versed in military science and technology an unquestionable evidence. While some worry about China's military, especially naval forces are rapidly increasing, but the British "Financial Times" pointed out that China's naval forces are still unable to catch up with the United States.

The upcoming test flight of J -15 fighter

India, "Financial Express" reported April 26 that China is about to test its latest fighter J-15 "Flying Shark", which is more proficient in military technology an unquestionable evidence. Reported that this ship is equipped with advanced radar and aircraft self-guided missile has passed factory tests and is now waiting for flight.

"The New York Times" reports said 26 Chinese media published in J-15 photo shows China's increasingly open attitude towards the military. The article said that in striking on the Internet less than two weeks after the aircraft carrier photo, Chinese state media today published the first batch of J-15 close-up photos. Concern to the Chinese military's Web site has published the same photo, they are outside in the Shenyang Aircraft Factory snapshot.

The article said that military analysts said that, as the aircraft carrier will require several years of testing and improvement before the official service. However, these pictures prove that strict confidentiality has long been known to the Chinese army is pulled up a little veil.

British media said that China lags far behind the United States Navy

British "Financial Times" reported on April 26, city of Dalian in northeast China has recently attracted a large number of tourists to view, different from the past, they are the largest in China this year is expected to watch the first aircraft carrier in service. The article said that concerns raised by the Chinese carrier is beyond China's borders, U.S. Pacific Commander Admiral Willard has said that the carrier will lead to a strong focus of China's neighbors.

But the United States and other Asia Pacific countries naval officials believe that China needed to effectively run the aircraft carrier a few years. Some analysts said that "a carrier is one thing, but the aircraft or aircraft carrier battle groups to run is another matter entirely." Wrote the article, for this reason, and because the outside of the carrier has launched the long-term expectations, China's first ship carrier may not help the efforts of China to catch up with the U.S. Navy - the Navy may end up on the world's leading naval power as the current challenge the U.S. Navy.

The article also said that the current, the challenge is more likely to come from anti-ship ballistic missiles, U.S. military experts believe that China will be targeted by U.S. aircraft carriers.

In the first day of the Festival of China Navy, was the foreign media called the "J -15" heavy carrier-based fighter in China this week at a clear picture was released in China on the network, causing users and the attention of military observers.

"Heavy fighters can improve the aircraft carrier fleet air defense capabilities and enhance the fleet's combat capability," the military observer told reporters. "They can carry more missiles and other air to air missiles or ground missiles, ammunition, and have greater combat radius and endurance," he added.

According to Western media reports, J-15 will be deployed in Dalian is currently being carried out repairs on the aircraft carrier Varyag, Canada Han and news that the aircraft carrier Varyag has begun installation of radar and electronic warfare equipment.

Sunday's photos are in the aircraft manufacturer Shenyang Aircraft Industry Company outside shooting, and subsequently released to the Forum on China's military. Since last June, on the Shenyang J-15 flying over the video and a small image has been transmitted on the network. The photo shows the J-15 uses a standard Navy paint.

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