HD Photos: latest WZ-10 attack helicopters group of Chinese army aviation exposure

PLA Army Aviation three latest WZ-10 attack helicopters also participated in training.

China military: China has decided to bury HP Canada PT6C-67B engine, for the direct -15 series helicopters equipped with domestic power plant; article also mentioned that China has succeeded in replacing Z-10 attack helicopter called WZ-9 China-made engines.

The article first said that China Aviation Helicopter Co., Ltd. (AVIC Helicopter Co., Also known as AVIC helicopter, English as Avicopter) EC-175/Z-15 medium helicopter project out of joint R & D side - Eurocopter ( Eurocopter), make a decision: for the direct -15 China Helicopters (ie Z-15) with a domestic power plant.

Jane's article said the helicopter company in the aircraft industry will focus on a new yet finalized turboshaft engines, on the direct -15 re-design, this engine will be China and France, Turbomeca (Turbomeca) cooperation research and development.

European helicopter company will continue R & D and manufacture of their EC-175 series helicopters, according to the previous plan, with its Pratt & Whitney Canada (also known as Pratt - Whitney Canada, Pratt & Whitney Canada) produced the PT6C- 67B engine.

Jane's said, the journal also learned that China has succeeded in Changhe Aircraft Industry Corporation's Z-10 attack helicopters replaced the domestic power plant, and that this power plant is believed to name the WZ-9, Z-10 attack In this engine-powered helicopters were flying.

Jane's also mentioned, (China) Z-10 produced a number of prototype, they are equipped with PT6C engine, which caused a serious problem - the engine of the West as a concept commercial R & D projects on to power, but How to become a pure military aircraft engines.

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