Frightening China's nuclear weapons

As a Chinese, who do not love their motherland? Who does not worry about the safety of the motherland? I have been thinking: Why dare to claim that China is not the first to use nuclear weapons? Perhaps the answer to this question is simple: China is unwilling to use nuclear weapons; China has a sufficient number of nuclear weapons and advanced in the subject after the first nuclear attack, there is sufficient capacity to completely destroy each other! Any other country in the world, China has the ability to destroy each other, so as to ensure relative security. Therefore, any country in the world dare to use nuclear weapons first in China?

Feared China's nuclear weapons

In fact, how many of China's nuclear weapons, is advanced, how stability and so on, we know that not much. So, from the United States to understand. China officially announced in 1996 to stop nuclear testing ground, the Americans what a smart, daring in 1996, China officially announced the ground to stop nuclear tests, showing that China's nuclear weapons to any country the world has been completely destroyed with each other capability.

United States staged a <"China nuclear analysis>>, shocked the U.S. Department of Defense, the Americans themselves intimidated! Because the idea of ​​the Pentagon in the United States, and therefore, the Chinese nuclear missile technology should remain level in 1996. The report revealed, China's current nuclear power, not the Pentagon thinking in that era. This makes the fifth floor of the building is shocked! according to this analysis, Pentagon officials had to admit: This is no way to imagine the fear!

Ruier Si. Vic Falls (Senior Researcher, Research) said: China's nuclear weapons is the world's 11th largest unsolved, although there is only revealed the tip of the iceberg, but it has shocked us, China is now the nuclear weapons, enough to connect directly with us for a The same field of nuclear war. Of course, Ruier Si. Vic Falls, then there may be some exaggeration, but the U.S. has always been that their life is worth more than the life of other countries, same time, they will destroy China in 1000 and 1 with their destruction is actually a kind, so in this case Their fear is normal!

Andhra Andreas. Poon (CIAA) said: We do not know why China has so many nuclear weapons development, they all? For your own safety? In East Asia, able to shake the state of China's territory, is already gone. And China is still kept upgrading their nuclear arsenals, which is very confusing? Therefore, any country in the world if China as an enemy, then the end is only one, that is suicidal!

So, we carefully analyze China's ballistic missiles.

China's nuclear missile sub very detailed, they are not the same as what we think is the short, medium and far range intercontinental division, but with its use, even against the object and distinguish between different targets. DF is a form of Chinese ballistic missiles, said on behalf of, in fact, there are more detailed in its internal distinctions. For example: DF4 missiles alone, there DF4, 41,4 A, 4B and other 4 models, and DF4, DF4A sticks belonging to the same specifications, but also we often see.

However, DF41, DF4B is very rare, 41 is 4 to improve the advanced models, mainly the whole solid-state mobile deployment, you can achieve rapid deployment. Similar to the U.S. militia II, the guidance and bundling deception by surprise, echo a fixed form. This is the same used in the United States the militia part II missile technology, just different name for. Thus, 41 of the hit probability of 41% (as for the Patriot-3 intercept standard), while the United States Militia II was 42.14%. The so-called "hit survival probability" refers to the missile flew over the normal probability of a predetermined location, not everyone calls "hit accuracy."

When talking about accuracy, we used to always fancy the accuracy of ballistic missiles, the accuracy is generally believed that the higher the better, in fact, there is a big difference between them. According to the U.S. standard, attachment of a nuclear warhead missiles, such as "dwarf", "Minuteman III", the hit accuracy is 110 meters. The accuracy of China's DF41 1900 meters accurate than the others we have a lot of looks, but here is that the nuclear warheads to the minimum twenty thousand tons equivalent basis, a nuclear bomb that can be within a radius of ten kilometers destruction caused by type destruction, and the more recent origin from the fission, the destruction of the more serious, it is within 5 km Shiguwucun.

Therefore, as long as not against the satellite, carrying nuclear warheads on intercontinental missiles and precision is not so important, because there is minimal scope of the explosive equivalent of 5000-1900 = 3100 meters in the surrounding lethality, and precision of 110 meters is the same militia 3. Pentagon intended to avoid a nuclear issue, has also been talk about China's nuclear issue is to bring the country did not want to panic, in fact, China's nuclear missiles with low accuracy but more terrible. Perhaps this is why China did not dare to claim that the reason for first use of nuclear weapons.

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