FC-1 fighter is more suitable for equipping Chinese air force than J-10

South Korean KAI military website on April 26 published an article on the "FC-1" and the two types of advanced J -10 fighter performance analysis. Article that, while seemingly more advanced J -10, exposure is also higher, but so far still can not be called a type of mature and reliable aircraft. "FC-1" in the export to Pakistan, to improve access to Western technology and improvement of performance be improved significantly, so at this stage that the fighters may be more suitable than the equipment Jian Shi of China Air Force.

The article said that as China's first domestic third-generation fighter, the J -10 since been widely available since the concern. Although with the recent "Varyag" aircraft and the J -20 fighter available, outside of the J -10 degree of concern decreased. However, there is no doubt J -10 is still the star of the Chinese army weapons. The service has since J -10, in addition to appearing in film and television works outside, did not participate in any of China's domestic and international large-scale military exercise time, indicating that the F -10 fighter may not be fully mature, which need advanced equipment for the Chinese Air Force is undoubtedly bad news. Therefore, the article believe that it is mainly for export of the "FC-1" fighter at this stage may be more suited to the needs of the Chinese Air Force.

First of all, the view is now generally accepted that the "FC-1" fighter performance is lower than the J -10 fighter argument is questionable. Speaking from a performance orientation, the two fighters are no different, are as a light ground attack aircraft design. The difference is, "FC-1" for export, thus subject to the cost, the use of a relatively low technology and equipment. The Chinese Air Force J -10 for personal use as models at this stage, the cost constraints faced much, so the corresponding high level of technology. However, if the two fighters of similar equipment with the U.S. F-16 fighters will find comparison, J -10, though relatively advanced, but its much Xiaolong technology gap does not exist. The reason is that as a personal use type J -10, you can get more funding, equipment and technology a higher level of equipment. The "FC-1" as an export product, the actual production of higher technical standards, but also in foreign military equipment, you can more easily access the international advanced technology, upgrading of the whole aircraft. Thus, unlike the short term China can not change the depth of the J -10 to upgrade, "FC-1" fighter as an initial platform for equipment in other countries, the bound in the short term to accept the depth of upgrades. "FC-1" fighter is bound to catch up and even surpass the performance of J -10 aircraft. Therefore, the Chinese Air Force, if you select the "FC-1" does not mean that the overall combat capability of the regression.

Secondly, both the "FC-1" or the J-10 fighter aircraft, in addition to the engine are still using Russian equipment other than the whole, Russian-made fighter planes could not see the shadow. The Chinese in this "to Russia" of the process, the way of foreign arms sales, especially to the West gradually move closer to European models. Unlike Russia's own exports of equipment, "a simplified version of the monkey-type" approach, major European countries in the sales process, exports most of its equipment, not just the successful development of advanced military equipment. The one hand, this approach to high-tech to attract customers to win orders, while export-use equipment based on the experience abroad to improve equipment. And other equipment fully mature, and then equip its army. China's major arms-exporting countries such as Pakistan, Egypt and other countries is not only good relations with China, and its production equipment in a short time can not be in the international arms market in competition with Chinese equipment. In addition, good relations with Western countries, to facilitate the introduction of more advanced Western technology, but also for China's access to new technology provides a new channel. Therefore, China's exports to Pakistan at this stage of the "FC-1" fighter though a full range of domestic fire control equipment, weapons systems, but there are news that Pakistan will purchase French and Italian air to air missile radar to improve the upgrade "FC-1" fighter. The good relations between China and Pakistan have decided, China is not only bound to participate in the "FC-1" fighter in the improvement of Pakistan's upgrade program, but also have the opportunity to absorb the full access to the introduction of advanced technology in Pakistan. Thus, in the "FC-1" fighter in the development process, China can not only reduce their own use of foreign capital investment, and development prospects and the development of depth, must be better than the J-10 fighter.

Third, the article says, the two fighters in the body size does not vary considerably in China, the Soviet Air Force has been equipped with a class of long-range heavy Su-27 fighter and occasional tasks without too many cases, long-range raid, light aircraft did not long range and not weaknesses. As the main equipment of the future of Pakistan Air Force, "FC-1" fighter, no doubt will be out soon after the installation forces for combat. Therefore, regardless of actual combat experience, maintainability, or weapons and equipment types and mounting options, "FC-1" fighter is bound to walk in front of F -10 fighter. J -10 fighter but as a high cost, long-faced key technology bottlenecks, technology is not leading equipment, the future is bound to be similar to the "FC-1" fighter to replace this cost-effective equipment.

Finally, the article maintains that, although the "FC-1" fighter aircraft more competitive relative to J-10, but a lot of equipment "FC-1" fighter of the Chinese Air Force, the same choice is no choice. Because China today is not the biggest problem facing the Air Force should be equipped with what kind of fighter, but fighters are numerous types of operations but can not form a cooperative system. Air Force, the world's major powers almost all the heavy, light aircraft with the composition. U.S. F-15 fighter is with the F-16 fighters with Russian MiG fighter is the SU -27 -29 fighters. Even if the strength of less than China, India, also established a similar way with Russia. The Chinese at this stage but no one type can be produced in large scale and performance of advanced and reliable third-generation fighters. Only focus on the individual use of advanced equipment, the mix between different types of aircraft going. Therefore, both the J-20 fighter flight, or more rumors of a new aircraft for the Chinese Air Force, Air Force, its significance is far less than the overall level of integration and improved.

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