Evil! the anti-nuclear tank of former Soviet Union

Led by the talented scientists L · S · Trotsky Kasyanov, the team began developing tactical nuclear explosion zone structure of a vehicle with a 279 pilot project ", which was also used as and the "277 Project " competition the next generation of heavy tanks of the samples. El Toro Kasyanov against nuclear crisis facing the problem, he increased the design as far as possible and to consider the track of a ground plane completely out of specification can prevent storm against the crew of the body shape.

So "279 Project " is equipped with four tracks, this is nothing new - as early as 1916 the UK had four tracks on the development of "flying like a"super-heavy tank. But the "279 Project " was hard to imagine using a hydraulic suspension, makes the nuclear explosion comes as the vehicle to lie on the floor like crabs to make their own Buzhi Yu overturning. Then increase the size of the ground makes the vehicle a lower center of gravity, each side 2 track of the oil from the middle of the main tank body connection. Oval car lanes, taking into account the neutron bomb of the new weapons, "279 project " within the outer body design of a lot of sandwich material used to fill the radiation (neutron bomb explosion in the area, can be very destructive neutron Converted into slow neutrons). Casting the average thickness of 269 mm body. Use 1000hp 12 cylinder diesel engine, you can make 60 tons of tanks up to 50 km per hour, which is quite amazing! It uses and the "277 Project " as the turret, but reduced to 24 rounds.

"279 Project " in 1957 made ​​the kind of car. Zheliang "alien tanks"in the test site successfully passed the technical review, but due to expensive complex structure, there is no production. It is now preserved in Kubinka museum, although it did not as a tank mounted the stage of the war, but I am still amazed at their creative and amazing.

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