The difference between carrier-based J -15 and Su -33

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China announced the Shenyang J -15 "Flying Shark" aircraft carrier photo, it will be used to equip China's first aircraft carrier.

J -15 is a type of carrier-based aircraft similar to Su -33, based Shenyang Aircraft Sukhoi SU -27 Flanker warplanes carried out on the local transformation from the J-11B research and development; with the front canard, folding wings, brake hook and strengthened landing gear. The same as the Su -33, J -15 hop from sliding off the runway rather than the use of catapults. But it is still something different and Su -33, it has a more complex trailing edge flaps and advanced electronic equipment in China.

London's International Institute for Strategic Studies Senior Fellow Douglas - Barry said that China's reform and Moscow is a source of friction. He believes that canard F -15 -33 copied the design of the Soviet Union; This suggests that at least two of the flight control system similar. In addition, a model of J -15 to carry anti-ship missile model; This suggests that the J -15 may play an attack from the outset, the role of the Su-air design is Su -33.

Air formation of J -15 carrier-based fighter

Away from China's coastal defense forces in the delivery of the sea, the heavy aircraft carrier will be able to add another ship forces forces; they are expected to deploy to the former Soviet Union's first "Varyag" aircraft carrier. First photo was taken in Shenyang Aviation Industry Group's 112 plants, aircraft design is similar to the company's external missile J -11 fighter track, holographic head-up display system and other features.

Aircraft in terms of performance on the fierce debate. Russian news agency claimed that J -15 is not better than Su -33, but Chinese officials said the electronic equipment of Su -33 is demoded, so this made the sensor assembly, display and weapon systems.

Although the structure of carrier-based aircraft J-15 is based on Su -33, but the electronic equipment, including J -11 from advanced anti-ship radar project is contrast -. The aircraft is expected to officially deployed in 2016; China, analysts and observers said the fighters, the fighters in the August 31, 2009 for its first flight, when provided with the Russian AL-31 engines.

U.S. analysts agree, Ukraine is China's Soviet -33 / Sea Flanker fighters sources. One analyst said: "Russia's carrier-based training in Ukraine; over the years, there has been a prototype of the first batch of Su--33. A few years ago, the plane disappeared, and may eventually sold to China. The recent the F -15 photo shows, they have entered the low-rate initial production phase, or is close to the stage. I hope that these aircraft transferred to the training facilities as soon as possible, and began the long road with carrier qualifications. "

June 2010, the aircraft simulated slide hop from the first runway to take off. In 2001, China received from the Ukraine after the Soviet -33 prototype, the project has officially started. Allegedly, in northeast China coast Naval Station Huludao, workers have built a short take-off slip hop track and test center similar to the training facilities Crimea. U.S. analyst said: "We find a lot of static with the training of personnel for the aircraft carrier land-based aircraft carrier flight deck training facilities in the photograph; the facility is shaped like an aircraft carrier, the flight deck following a dormitory and classrooms. And it already has the deck Flanker fighter model plane and a helicopter to meet the aircraft carrier deck operations and maintenance personnel. And another facility in Xi'an, a hop from sliding off the runway the aircraft carrier, and the need to brake landing network. We hope see that these F -15 aircraft carrier, where a lot of testing. "

Intelligence officials in Taiwan said China's first aircraft carrier will play a training role, may be conducted at the end of this year the first sea trial. U.S. intelligence experts agree that the views of officials of Taiwan, the U.S. expert said: "Just last month, we began to see power plants has started to show they did for a time near the sea trials this year; perhaps the fastest this summer. Meanwhile, They also discussed the experience of using the transformation of the construction of a second aircraft carrier issues related to domestic carriers. "

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