China's Second Artillery Corps increased 2 missile brigade equipped with Dongfeng 21D

According to the U.S. "strategic News Network," April 27 coverage, distributed in several provinces of China, China's Second Artillery Corps strength increased substantially over the years expanded to include two new long-term spread was equipped with anti-ship missile DF-21D brigade.

This extension makes the Second Artillery Corps has equipment Dongfeng -21 ten anti-ship missile brigade, there are several other missile brigade equipment. Dongfeng -21 each missile brigade equipped with six missile battalions (each battalion has two mobile launchers), two service battalions, a signals battalion and an electronic countermeasure (ECM) business. DF-21D missile mainly used to deal with the U.S. Navy, particularly its aircraft carrier.

Second Artillery Corps of the other eight DF -21 missile brigade equipped with slightly older models of the missile; Basic Dongfeng ballistic missiles -21 length 10.7m (35 feet) in diameter 140cm (4.6 feet) and weighs 15 tons, the use of solid fuels is A two-stage missile. With a range of specific models of change (from 1700 km to 3000 km), weighing 500-2000 kg (0.5-2 ton) warhead usually use nuclear weapons; It is believed that China is also the standard missiles with conventional warheads. The missiles could be used against Taiwan, because it as a longer range ballistic missiles, about 1000 than the short-range ballistic missiles aimed at Taiwan hit the target faster. That means, Dongfeng -21 flying faster than Taiwan's key military garrisons in the deployment of PAC-3 anti-missile missile type.

At the same time, it was as we all know or acknowledge, the DF-21D missile system is not a complete test. In the past two years, may have carried out some tests, all the components of the system and work are prominently displayed. We can see in the media, the transport vertical launch vehicle photos ballistic wind-21D. The good news is that the new missile was the last official service.

The article said that there are other information to prove that the missile. For example, two years ago, China launched another one remote sensing satellite, joined the other two remote sensing satellites in similar orbits. This three satellites over the Pacific Ocean 600 km altitude to some form of movement, they are equipped with synthetic aperture radar (SAR) or digital camera can scan ships at sea; although China said they were launching the satellites is purely for research purposes . The typical synthetic aperture radar can produce different-resolution photo quality images, the radar in the middle (3 m) resolution to cover the 40 × 40-kilometer zone, low (20 m) resolution 100 × 100 to cover km area. Therefore, the deployment of three satellites in China suspected of marine monitoring system for the military; it is, and rumors of Chinese ballistic missiles used to attack U.S. aircraft carriers within the missing link.

The past six years, the West has been concerned about China is developing its ballistic missile positioning system were reported. The system enables search and combat aircraft missiles, which use infrared sensors at the end (infrared guided) technology. Such incidents over the past decade has been public discussion, but according to authorities and some media reports, China will be able to achieve this objective seems to tactical missile systems and integrated together. The key is to make these things happen with multi-sensor system, that is launched ballistic missiles (1,700 km range missile Dongfeng -21) before the carrier can find approximate location of the satellite, submarine or maritime patrol aircraft. DF-21D and to other elements of work required compared to those of the sensor seems to be dynamic.

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