The United States is the biggest of to Internet freedom

Since human access to the Internet era, advocating "Internet freedom" the most effort into the United States, may pose the greatest threat to the network is exactly what freedom of the United States.

March 19, the British "Guardian" expose the U.S. military is forming a "network of water army." With the help of software, the U.S. navy will naturally be more effective, in the future war of the hearts and minds battle to prevail. However, this practice is in the United States with false information, or even virtual "vest" Fudge users to mislead Internet users, this will reduce the practice of manipulating public opinion, the credibility of Internet information, online create an atmosphere of fear and distrust, which network direct injury free.

"Internet freedom" is a concept sounds really good, it is also tapping other countries the U.S. government a big stick. February 15 this year, U.S. Secretary of State for the Clinton Zeng Yi delivered a speech on the Internet free, accused countries such as China to suppress Internet freedom. However, at the same time accusing other countries, the U.S. has troops in the vigorously developing the network, various research and development of efficient dissemination of false information to the software, which advocated that the United States "network freedom" is just a cover, which in this matter on pursuing a "one Why, not allow people to light lamps" double standard. The facts show the United States, it is not "network freedom" of the defenders, but a "network freedom" saboteurs.

At present, the Internet's 13 root servers in the hands of all in the United States. To protect the network security and Internet freedom around the world have repeatedly asked the U.S. to hand over control of root servers from the United Nations and other international institutions to manage the expense of the United States set international public opinion, refuse to hand over control, firmly to the International Internet reins in their hands. Indeed, all countries have freedom of network security and network threats in real time by the United States, the United States to stop any country as long as the domain name resolution, which country's Internet will be paralyzed.

In this case, the United States advocates "network freedom" is nothing more than hope States to open doors, hardware and software technology and the U.S. take advantage of the water forces unimpeded to any interference in their internal affairs, to stir up trouble in other countries. "Internet freedom" as the year's open-door policy for the United States to achieve its national interests and hegemony.

Facts have proved that the United States has the Internet as a battlefield against opponents, as the realization of national interests, disturb other people's tools. Today, the U.S. set up cyber warfare units, will on other countries pose a threat to the security and freedom, will lead other countries to respond to the passive, defensive, "the U.S. navy," the attack, which the network war will no doubt further harm the network free.

Understand this, you will understand America's "network freedom" is nothing but a drug, who eats who fooled.

Gave the U.S. double-dealing a blow to their own

Staggering is that in the U.S. so looking forward to leveraging the "network of water army" network manipulation of public opinion, the United States Secretary of State, Ms. Clinton has been lobbying on various occasions, spared no effort in advocating her so-called "Internet freedom" the shelling of his country's Internet policy, claiming that "the open Internet can promote long-term peace, progress and prosperity." It is no wonder in the United States, "Huffington Post" Web site, thousands of netizens condemn the U.S. actions were "false democracy" was.

U.S. military "network water army" will become self-defeating "psychological implications"

The U.S. side eager to control the network, the network of water with one hand and the military to arm the U.S. military, people could not help but think of the Cold War, the establishment of Radio Free Europe, Voice of America and other subversive reported in short-wave broadcasts. Network era, the escalating U.S. propaganda machine, in the so-called "promotion of Internet freedom," "help" network activists, official over the wall on the basis of the software, even at the cost out "the network of water army" the shamelessness of the tools, the U.S. military in the end want to do? !

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US is the biggest threat of Internet security.

The biggest threat to Internet Freedom is the obsession to harmonize everything.