Risk of Fukushima nuclear power plant releasing cosmically radioactive substances is significantly increasing

According to the ministry Web site, according to Tokyo Electric Power Company's external information and I release to the Japan Atomic Energy Ministry of Home Security Security (NISA) confirmed that Beijing at 12:25 on the 14th, Fukushima II Nuclear Power Plant first loss of the water cooling unit, containment internal pressure continues to rise, core water level began to decline, until the core fully exposed, then through the efforts of the core into the water, the water level of all core recovery. But at 23:00 on the 14th or so, once again fully exposed reactor core, 15, around 6:00, the scene of explosion, the explosion is not very clear case.

Experts preliminary analysis, the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima Unit One reactor units and III stabilize the situation, but the unit II is likely to place more units than the One and Three severe cases, the reactor core is estimated has been partially melted, the reactor plant, containment, integrity of the vessel may have been destroyed, large-scale release of radioactive material significantly increased the risk to the environment.

As of March 15 8:00, environmental monitoring of radiation environment has not found any abnormality, all operating nuclear power plants in China are in a safe state.

My Department will continue to pay close attention to and tracking the progress Fukushima first nuclear power plant accident, and further strengthen the monitoring of radiation environment, timely communication of information to interested parties.

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