A 4-month-old baby girl trapped for three days miraculously survived in Japan earthquake

Japan's Self-Defense Forces rescuers found a mere four-month-old baby girl on the third day after the earthquake in a small village called Ishinomaki in northeast of Sendai, called her the peace of the survivors as a "small miracle."

Tsunami, the village has been razed to the ground surging turbidity, most of the victims was able to escape the old, while the baby's family thought she had lost forever.

Search and rescue team members went door to door looking for bodies of the victims in time to hear the faint cry, they could not believe my ears. This baby girl was later found that while wet and hungry, but no injuries. How she escaped the tsunami's enormous destructive power is still a mystery.
The rescue team on the ruins was aroused and hope to find more survivors.

A rescue member holding the four-month-old baby girl survivor, his face filled with joy

This remind a story of a rescue soldiers and surviving infants in Wenchuan earthquake of China, this picture is called "a best beautiful smile soldier"

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