Kan person has done worst: East Japan may completely destroyed

Japanese earthquake that triggered the crisis growing out of control of nuclear radiation, Fukushima, Japan Self-Defense Force helicopter yesterday to the first nuclear power plant units 3 and 4 water-bombing in an attempt to reduce the reactor temperature, but almost no change in radiation levels. U.S. nuclear experts also said that Unit 4 nuclear spent fuel storage pool has been basically run out of water, temperature and radiation levels rise, so that staff can not get near to take any remedial measures; French experts also said that the situation than Chernobyl events also poor. The face of the nuclear crisis could run out of control situation, the Prime Minister Naoto Kan said that has done the worst, said, "must assume that if the status of East Japan completely destroyed."

According to reports, Fukushima No. 2 nuclear power plant Unit 4, white smoke yesterday morning, for units 1 to 3 are that some damage to the reactor core and core melt-down phenomenon. Japan's Self-Defense Forces dispatched a helicopter to the 3 and 4, injection unit, want to reduce the temperature of nuclear reactors, each can carry 7.5 tons of water, 4 times the water and returned to base.

Helicopter water "almost no effect"

However, the report said, Air Self-Defense Force helicopter water reactors operating on virtually no effect. Tokyo Electric Power Company, said the helicopter water before 9:40 local time, the amount of radiation per hour 3782 micro-West, 30 minutes after injection in the tens of meters away from the No. 3 reactor of the same location detection, a value of 3754 micro-West, This means almost nothing to the value before and after water changes.

Japan's defense minister later said Kitazawa handsome, self-defense no longer continue to provide helicopters for aerial water nuclear power plant could begin in the afternoon from a day unit for high-pressure water tankers on ground water. Defense Self-Defense Forces around the country yesterday morning, have ordered 11 high-pressure fire engines rushed to the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima set, ready to fully water action.

Cooling the reactor to restore power as quickly as possible uncertain

On the other hand, the authorities try to repair the cooling system of power supply. Tokyo Electric said the new cable is ready, the fastest local noon yesterday, restore power to the unit, hoping to restart the cooling system. Nuclear Safety Committee, said the United States has requested the Japanese government should quickly provide 10 high-power generators, of which 3 units can be shipped to Japan yesterday. But whether in time for the reactor cooling is still unknown.

Difficult to control the current nuclear crisis, Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan also deeply worried, and did the worst. It is believed that the day before he was Special Adviser to the Cabinet meeting in the residence of the Qing Sen said, "must be envisaged if the status of East Japan was completely destroyed." Naoto Kan headquarters last night's meeting on disaster response, water operations for all participating members of the SDF and police said thanks, saying "thank you for the combat dangers."

Currently, many countries worry about the nuclear crisis will eventually lead to Japan's largest nuclear disaster. U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Xijiacike (Gregory Jaczko) in the House of Representatives hearing that, Fukushima Nuclear Power Station Unit 4 basic spent fuel storage pool water has been exhausted. Radiation levels around the reactor, "very high", the staff may suffer in a very short period of time to "deadly radiation", it is difficult near the reactor, can not take measures to prevent further heat up the nuclear fuel rods.

People to accept nuclear radiation pollution detection

French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety, security officials also said Charles last night, the Japanese authorities only 48 hours to prevent another case similar to the "Chernobyl" crisis incidents. Charles noted that so far none of the measures effective, if the situation out of control, and ultimately the amount of leakage of nuclear radiation will cause the same as "Chernobyl" incident consequences.

The first nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture have been evacuated around the 20 km range, it will be 26 locations in the county, for the 10,000 residents it has been detected radiation contamination.

To 17 evening, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Tactical Unit deployed high-pressure water tankers, No. 3 reactor in the tens of meters outward radiation in water, but too far away, can not water into the reactor, announced the suspension of action, high-pressure water tankers withdrawn to safe areas .

Metropolitan Police said the nuclear radiation is very high, too close together will cause damage to the health police. To 17 pm local time, about 19:50, the SDF team was composed of nuclear power plant water use five special fire engines and around 50 m 3 water reactor. Tokyo Electric Power said the water "some effect" and that 18 will continue to water and continue to the reactor water in the air.

Fukushima drinking water are iodine

In addition, 80 km from the nuclear power plant in Fukushima City, tests found that drinking water contained traces of iodine (radioactive iodine 131), may be caused by nuclear core melt, but current levels harmful to humans.