Fear of nuclear leaks, U.S. residents purchase crazily radiation supplies and clothing

In Los Angeles, a supermarket, the iodine has already sold out

When the U.S. government was busy withdraw from the Japanese nationals in the affected areas, the United States for residents of nuclear material across the sea to reach the west coast of leakage panic buying wantonly radiation and disaster relief supplies, including gas masks, emergency kits of drugs and , iodine tablets, space blanket, and food and water and so on.

Lei Jia, U.S. Health Secretary Donna • Benjamin (Regina Benjamin) a few days ago warning that hazardous radioactive materials for early preparations to be correct. The president has called on citizens to remain calm, saying the matter of nuclear leak to dissipate before reaching Hawaii, so there is no need to worry.

Local 14 is usually filled with iodine tablets price of 10 dollars, but e-commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay have sold for 250-400 dollars on.

The Geigercounters.com site sold out all of the radiation detection device, not to publicly request a consumer orders.

12, the same day, the U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturers Imber Virginia Lakes (Anbex) inventory of 10,000 boxes of 14 pads sold out potassium iodide tablets, and new orders are followed. President Alan • Morris (Alan Morris) said, the company is 3 boxes per minute rate of accepted orders, and the previous week, but only 3 per box. "Those who do not get very panic, some even crying screaming," Morris said.

California's Van Nuys Army & Navy Surplus store had sold $ 40 is to provide gas masks to Israeli civilians, it also provides convenience food, drinking water and space blanket.

Owner Kosovo (Paul Kershaw) President in the past two days, said they sold the equivalent of last year's sales of gas masks, and there are constantly called to ask if the customer has the goods.

15, the amount of radiation detected Tokyo to ten times normal levels, the Japanese government said the U.S. military may request direct support.

The United States is stepping up the West Coast and Pacific territories deployment of nuclear radiation monitoring stations in order to assuage public fears of nuclear radiation for the subject.