Japanese media disclosed workers braved a large number of of nuclear radiation to maintain nuclear power plants

Japan's "Yomiuri Shimbun," the article "被曝の恐怖、余震…真っ暗な建屋で�死の作�" says, in the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima that continuous released high concentrations of radioactive material, people side with the fear of radioactive contamination of struggle, daredevil side to start the job.

15 morning, the explosion of Unit 2, Tokyo Electric Power Company, and affiliated companies of the 800 ongoing water operations. After the explosion, 750 persons were evacuated. The scene, leaving only the "minimum" of 50.

In order to avoid being radiation, once the higher radiation dose to be interrupted operation. So this morning, 400 mSv per hour V environment, the operating time was allowed only 15 minutes. Power by the tsunami, not even a trace of light in the dark, desperate to improve their operating efficiency. Tsunami warning and after that came the aftershocks, they had been interrupted, it is at this time, carrying the body of radiation monitors, showing 400 mSv volts.

12 in the previous afternoon, the pressure is too high for the number one release of steam inside the unit, had to open a valve. It is this step, metal containers outside the reactor to prevent rupture. However, opening the valve of the staff, because being 100 volts or more mSv of radiation exposure, vomiting, dizziness, was taken to the hospital.

However, precisely because it is a lot of radiation was dangerous to work, so that the name was familiar to One Unit staff as the job the old squad leader, he wear a mask to wear special protective clothing, quickly opened the valve, but This is ten minutes, he was the radiation, the average person in the year the amount of radiation received by 100 times.

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