Due to fear of nuclear radiation far exceeds the earthquake, large-scale residents retreat to southward Tokyo

15 morning released the Miyagi Prefecture of Japan's nuclear plant leaked more serious, so now in addition to the news blackout, the south of Tokyo in Tokyo and travel southward very many people, that is more more people come out from their homes, away from the direction of nuclear power plants, and more people take the Shinkansen from Tokyo, after Yokohama to Osaka, Nagoya direction of travel. In addition, many people are driving through the highway to go in this direction, now is the place we live in Aomori in northern Honshu, and the direction we have just said the opposite direction, thanks to our time today a little slow to enter the disaster zone a little, otherwise I'm afraid we are not connected in this place, probably in the vicinity of the disaster. Japanese media reported in the current long-distance road traffic flow is waiting for refueling, and there are many people who travel in the subway station or a crowded train station, which is currently the largest earthquake to give people a scare caused, more than just People panic when the earthquake is much more serious, mainly because there is fear that nuclear radiation.

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