Japan recognized: Fukushima nuclear power plant reactor No. 2 is partly leaking

13, the Japanese government admitted that earthquake damage in Fukushima No. 2 nuclear power plant reactor may be happening, "accident." It is reported that a total of three reactors in Fukushima nuclear power plant cooling system to stop working because of occurrence of danger. Among them, 2 the high temperature reactor fuel is taking place, "leakage." Currently, there are 21 million people are evacuated to safe areas.

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Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Leak

Now, the Fukushima nuclear power plant has been shut down three reactors the temperature is still high, need to continue its cooling treatment. Rescue workers are using the most primitive method of spraying water to help cool down the three reactors. Once the reactor temperature over 2,200 degrees Celsius, the reactor's nuclear fuel will "melt", causing a catastrophic nuclear accident, this is Japan after the earthquake, the biggest challenge.

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary said that the case of reactor No. 2 is still very optimistic. As rescue workers view the situation can not enter the reactor, one can only speculate that this reactor fuel rods "very likely" a leak phenomenon. Coupled with the reactor fuel rods in the cooling water was briefly exposed, its temperature may be rising, the danger is increasing rapidly.

Analysts pointed out that if a serious spill Fukushima nuclear power plant, the radioactive power will be less than the end of World War II, Japan has suffered two bomb attacks. In addition to sending anti-chemical warfare troops to the rescue Fukushima nuclear power plant, the Japanese Self Defense Force has mobilized 10 million in other parts of the earthquake rescue and relief work.

12, the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant where the reactor had exploded, it caused serious damage to the wall. Fortunately, the No. 1 reactor of 15 cm thick metal safe. At that time, the Japanese government stressed that after the explosion, Fukushima nuclear power plants around the content of radioactive material and no further increase in pressure within the reactor 1 also will be gradually reduced. However, reactor number 2 and 3 occur immediately dangerous situations.

It is reported that the cause of the explosion occurred, the rescue workers to reduce pressure inside the reactor, open the valve contains a large amount of hydrogen discharge of radioactive gases. The proliferation of these four hydrogen into the engine room after the explosion, the entire plant destroyed the roof and external walls. In addition, sprayed on the reactor shell, "cooling water" is also broken down into hydrogen under high temperature and also exploded.

For information, nuclear reactor power plant in Fukushima, the hot fuel rods requires a lot of cooling water for cooling. When the water reaches boiling point, it must be cold water instead, which is the basic work flow cooling system. The power interruption, the cooling water under high temperature produce large amounts of hydrogen, resulting in increasing pressure on the heap, the value was more than double over security.

Fukushima nuclear power plant on it, the monstrous tsunami caused the flood inundated the diesel generator room, is caused by the emergency power supply system can not work the direct cause. Some analysts have therefore pointed out that to ensure the safety of nuclear power plants, in any emergency, power plants must have stable and reliable in the "multiple" power supply system, which is Fukushima nuclear power plant crisis, the biggest lesson for us.

Currently, the Japan Meteorological Agency will be the second largest earthquake magnitude 9.0 Richter increases, the number of victims may exceed 10,000. Seismic capability in Japan after the earthquake unscathed, but the earthquake caused a tsunami up to 10 km deep inland in Japan, went a messy, miserable, just like the cease-fire theater, you can see the trees are destroyed, buildings, cars, boats and mud.

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