Fukushima nuclear power plant exploded again

Japan's chief cabinet secretary, 14, said Fukushima Nuclear Power Station Unit 3 reactor (reactor) hydrogen explosion occurred, a surge of smoke rising from the power plant over. The explosion and the Unit 1 power plant explosion, "like", is released from the reactor's hydrogen fuel tank, and the chemical reaction of oxygen in the air results. According to Fuji TV reported that the explosion resulted in a total of six people were injured.

According to Japan's Fuji television reported, Fukushima Nuclear Power Station Unit 3 reactor first time in Japan at 11:01 on the 14th is about to explode. According to media reports, this explosion is likely the same unit, and Unit 1 is hydrogen explosion, the specific reasons for the process of being confirmed. Media also said the smoke from the explosion than the explosion of Unit 1, the color closer to black. Urged the parties concerned within 20 kilometers of the people, retreated to the house asylum. Japan tsunami, Japan Earthquake

japan tsunami,japan Earthquake ,Fukushima nuclear power plant

After the explosion, the Government of Japan to live in the vicinity of nuclear power plants (less than 20 kilometers away from ground zero) of the residents stay at home do not go outside. AP reporters Zai Ju and Li Dianzhan 50 kilometers feel strongly felt caused the explosion. Japanese officials stressed that nuclear fuel is loaded with high-temperature metal container in this explosion of "intact" temporarily not cause leakage of radioactive contamination.

Eastern Japan Sea since the 9.0-level earthquake occurred and triggered large tsunami, Fukushima nuclear power reactors are shut down automatically. However, the power of multiple reactors, the internal temperature is too high, combined with all the cooling system failure could cause the fuel rods melted, and then nuclear accident occurred. Into the water by rescue personnel are ways to help reduce the reactor temperature.

Fukushima nuclear power plant for over 40 years "old." Within the six nuclear reactors at the station has faced due to the cooling system failure "of fuel rods to melt" (leak) after risk. Into the water to rescue people through the reactor caused a great way to cool the controversy. This will not only result in nuclear reactors "scrap" and may even continue to produce large amounts of hydrogen, resulting in explosive chain reaction.

Japanese government officials admit that there are two reactors in Fukushima station in the fuel temperature is too high may have occurred, "part of the melt" (leak) phenomenon. In this case, the rescue workers will take the initiative in the excessive discharge of a hydrogen reactor, which is caused by power plant "hydrogen explosion" reasons. More than 20 million power station has been ordered to evacuate nearby residents.

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