To disclose the secret of stealth weapon technology: the myth of invincibility was broken

From F-117 stealth fighter to F35 and the fifth generation fighter F22, the way of the U.S. military stealth technology shape + coating + material

Recently, the stealth aircraft, stealth tanks, stealth ship is repeated newspapers, full of the network, causing people to stealth technology concerns.

In fact, since ancient times, military strategists have been in the pursuit of war on one’s way clear, he does not strive to friends. Mountain ambush, night combat assault, is to make the enemy can not see me; person title gold, horses pick bell, is to make the enemy can not hear me. The modern battlefield, the national armed forces is from the visible light, acoustic, radar and other all-round performance of the pursuit of stealth weaponry, from the eyes and ears to lie against the radar, and more and more "paying" to compete detection equipment to better to save themselves, to more effectively combat each other. This paper inventory of the various stealth techniques.

Stealth Technology

From Dream to Reality

You can not see –

So completely bent light "invisibility cloak"

In 1987, the Hollywood film "Predator" to reflect the people’s enthusiasm stealth technology. Movie, alien monsters dressed in camouflage coat, visible light can be anti-reconnaissance, anti-infrared reconnaissance, counter-electronic surveillance, automatic camouflage regulation.

If the "stealth shirt" is advanced steganography, it seeks to achieve lost sight of the enemy, concealed in the operational environment, then, camouflage combat clothing is relatively familiar to most of our primary steganography.

Recently, U.S. researchers created a "cloak", under the cloak of items can "disappear" without a trace! This cloak includes two new nanoscale materials, the silicon rectangle made of light forward only after the free flow in both directions. This makes invisibility cloak around the bend there is a total light, as if, like water over rocks. Test showed that the change in direction when the light, is completely invisible items can be achieved. However, it has many shortcomings need to be improved.

One can not only stealth, large equipment can be invisible.

Recently, the British company BAE Systems has developed an "electronic ink" that can make tanks "stealth." They are installed on the tank body electronic sensors, these sensors will back projection image of the environment external to the body to make it into the surrounding scenery, making it "instantly hide" to avoid attacks. And the image on the tank body will follow the environmental change, always make sure the tank is disguised.

You can not hear –

Less and less noise, acoustic sonar stealth hood cheat

Generally, underwater objects can not see the sonar to detect. But now, some acoustic stealth technology allows you to hear.

Development of the United States in 1985, "Sea Shadow" stealth ship, stealth technology demonstration of the Navy in the future feasibility of the application. "Sea Shadow" ship radar-absorbing coating of the coating, to take control of underwater noise and measures infrared radiation.

Submarine itself is a stealth weapon system to enhance its concealment major measures to further reduce noise. At present, mainly from countries in the hull form, structure, power equipment selection, damping silencer aspects such as noise damping. Now, some nuclear submarines has been reduced to 120 decibels of noise below the equivalent of three sea state ocean background noise.

But this was not enough, scientists hope to use underwater acoustic "stealth shield" fool sonar. Over the years, theories that may make the voice of turning around an object without reflection or absorption of material. Recently, American scientists developed a Acoustics invisible housing in a particular space in the control of sound waves and the bending or twisting, hidden underwater objects in this acoustic cover of the block, even with sonar and other types of ultrasound are not detected to. The researchers designed a cylindrical housing, by a line consisting of 16 concentric rings of sound composition, can guide the direction of sound waves. Is actually the sound waves bend around the invisible to the outer cover. This technology can cover a wide range of wavelengths, will be a wide range of applications.

Allows you to test vain –

New materials, new technology, hidden aircraft, missiles

Stealth technology was first used in modern aircraft, stealth aircraft of the fastest growing and most mature. Prominent representatives of the development of the United States has several stealth aircraft.

F-117 stealth mainly take the form. Its shape is very strange, completely multi-faceted diamond cutting polygonal design, the whole body all the straight lines, so that the radar can be shot to scatter in all directions. B-2 stealth bomber radar cross section of only 0.1 square meters, this is a "flying wing" shape and the use of a large number of carbon fiber composite materials and special absorbing coating results. From F-117 to F-22, the U.S. stealth technology is through a "Shape + Paint + material" in the track. US-developed "Comanche" stealth helicopter is the world’s first true stealth helicopter, its radar cross section is only 1% of the other helicopters, is "Apache", 1 / 400.

Currently, the stealth coating has been widely used in aircraft, warships, tanks and other equipment, appearance, as anti-radar detection and prevention of leakage or electromagnetic interference and effective means.

Among them, plasma stealth coatings in aircraft flight emit strong radiation, high-energy particles in the air outside the aircraft skin to promote the formation of plasma ionized layer on the microwave, infrared radiation has a good absorption.

Enemy radar detection of exposure to electromagnetic radiation in a plasma cloud around the aircraft after the major cause two phenomena: First, part of the electromagnetic energy absorbed by the plasma cloud. Because the electromagnetic waves through the plasma cloud in the plasma of charged particles with the interaction of its energy is greatly attenuated; Second, plasma clouds can produce diffraction of electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic waves around the plasma cloud, no reflection, it will greatly reduce the reflection of electromagnetic signals, so that the radar is difficult to find hidden in the plasma cloud in the aircraft.

Infrared stealth coating is nano-scale organic coatings, nano-fine powder can not only absorb radar waves, but also can absorb visible light, infrared, and can avoid radar detection, but also have infrared stealth effect.

U.S. X-47B stealth

Shipborne UAV maiden flight successful

U.S. Grumman developed for the U.S. Navy X-47B unmanned aircraft, a successful maiden flight in California recently. Flight test day lasted about 29 minutes, the plane climbed to its highest at more than 1,500 meters. Pictures from the scene to see the plane shape and the famous B-2 stealth bombers are very similar.

Grumman said, X-47B will be the first U.S. naval equipment "no tail, unmanned jet aircraft." It can carry precision-guided bombs from U.S. aircraft carrier, completed the task of attacking enemy targets, and then returned on their own aircraft carrier landing. U.S. military has allocated about 636 million machine, the entire production process is highly confidential.

X-47B aircraft under the command of the computer completely off operations and return. Ground control personnel as long as the machine enter the target computer and route information to other computers on the whole is complete. Previously, only experienced pilots flying the aircraft carrier to complete the landing task.

Grumman said, X-47B aircraft design flying height of over 10,000 meters, at speeds up to 1,000 km. For some time, the aircraft will continue to Edwards Air Force Base in California carried out within 50 flight test activities.

Informed sources said that the current required for the development of new bombers, some of the key technologies, including advanced stealth technology, advanced integrated avionics technology, advanced propulsion technology have been included in the Five F-35 Machine, etc. to develop and validate the process. Many people claim that the U.S. military the next generation of unmanned aircraft design should be taken to ensure that the U.S. military on the battlefield to achieve "zero casualty" target. (People)

Top 5 stealth fighter "enemies"

1999 Kosovo War, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia will be Czech production, "Tamara" radar, and Soviet-made SAM Sam -3 used in conjunction with the U.S. military shot down an F-117A, a stealth fighter broke the myth of invincibility.

A natural enemies: Special Radar

Czech Republic developed the "Tamara" passive radar system, not outside its own emission of electromagnetic waves, and rely on stealth to capture the electromagnetic signals to determine location of stealth aircraft. Stealth aircraft, airborne radar for as long as the open observation or communication, to escape the fate of being discovered.

Radar reflective to the incident to another direction, but not directly reflected back to the radar, stealth aircraft, which is the primary means of dealing with one of the ground radar. However, the dual or multiple radar base, this move will fail. Current stealth aircraft primarily designed for the cm wave radar, VHF Radar difficult for stealth. In addition, the surface of the stealth aircraft is not entirely smooth, there are a lot of butt cracks, these places can be strongly reflected wave, and millimeter wave radar can not stealth.

Predators II: Surface to Air Missile

SAM can be used to provide higher and adjacent units of the stealth aircraft information to prepare ahead of time to play stealth aircraft. Stealth aircraft in the bomb process, due to strong reflection of radar waves of bomb doors open, and its stealth capabilities will be temporarily reduced, surface-to seize this opportunity to their surprise, fast tracking, targeting and firing in order to "fast close combat Law "shot down stealth aircraft.

Three natural enemies: anti-aircraft guns

Modern anti-aircraft hit probability have reached a very high level, and has a strong anti-electronic jamming capabilities. Anti-aircraft operations, you can use the gun aiming radar, optical or infrared device lock stealth aircraft. In urgent cases, a large number of anti-aircraft projectiles fired in a short time can, in the attacking planes to form an air route "firewall."

Predators IV: Fighter

Stealth stealth aircraft mainly for ground air defense radar, stealth top of its fuselage is relatively poor. Stealth fighter aircraft than to fly high, you may find that long-range stealth aircraft, and then speed to meet the enemy, with close combat or gun to shoot down missiles.

Five enemies: directed-energy weapons

In the long run, laser weapons and high-power microwave weapons directed energy weapons, stealth aircraft is the "Terminator."

The use of laser weapons, laser beam energy directly attack and kill targets, wherever.

High-power microwave weapons can stealth aircraft of electronic equipment inside a temporary failure or burned to the ground, but also undermines the stealth effect. At present the surface coated with a stealth aircraft can absorb microwave radar absorbing materials, when high-power microwave radiation have been, these absorbing materials because of excessive energy absorption and heat deformation, resulting in heavy stealth aircraft were destroyed, ranging from loss of operational capability.

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