Russia is developing the space plane against the U.S. X-37B

The Kremlin's military space chief Oleg Ostapenko just announced that Russia is developing a small, mobile, reusable space plane, in response to the U.S. Air Force X-37B demonstrator track. According to Russian news agency reported on February 8, the day Russian President Dmitry Medvedev also said Russia should develop its own space exploration program, "If you do not, we will be left behind."

X-37B space plane

December 3, 2010, X-37B space plane Vandenberg Air Force Base in the United States landing

The first US-developed human X-37B aircraft overhead days last April the sky, space technology represents another fly. Currently, returning in December last year, X-37B is preparing for a second mission. The second X-37 demonstrator aircraft is also the upcoming March 4 from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for launch. American and Marshall Institute, said Eric Stern, "You can let it carry a variety of sensors, which can also be placed in the satellite." In addition, X-37 can also be used to repair the U.S. satellite, even secretly close to the opponent's satellite sabotage.

Russian version of the X-37 is likely to be in a few years off. By then, the field of military space shuttle may occur three cracks at the situation, because there are rumors that "China is also developing a similar vehicle X-37′s."

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