Key to beating China J-20, using the new type of bomber to attack the base of Chinese mainland in depth

what the next generation of bomber in the end U.S. military officials imagine?

Journal of American diplomacy network February 22 article said that, 37 billion - which is the U.S. Air Force plans for the next five years to develop a new long-range stealth bomber was driving the costs, the bombers may be designed to break through the Chinese Air Force
defense system designed and manufactured. Under the Obama administration to be included in the fiscal 2012 budget plan, the mid-20s of this century, the United States will produce about 100 of the types of new bombers, these bombers will be used to maintain focus on the Pacific balance of power.

The article said that the bombers last week's announcement that the arms race between China and the U.S. continued to upgrade. Since early 2010, China has gradually exposed to a new stealth fighter prototype (CAC production of China J-20 ), new anti-ship ballistic missiles (DF -21) also entered service, while the absolute number of satellite launches per year, at least temporarily and U.S. flat (15). At the same time, the United States has deployed long-range unmanned reconnaissance aircraft in Guam, has also recently had a test flight take off and land in a new unmanned fighter aircraft, and also began to develop a new supersonic anti-ship missiles - also includes the latest The bomber launched the project.

According to the Air Force deputy chief of staff Lieutenant General Phillip Breedlove, said the bombers would be a family of systems of the largest components, including non-nuclear ballistic missiles equipped with new types of ammunition and two possible by the direct control of the stealth bombers, unmanned aerial vehicles. He claims that the new missiles and aircraft may have the technology than other countries "for decades ahead."

The article said that the U.S. Air Force commander, General William Fraser, said the Air Force may also be lethal at some point in the future of laser technology into the bombers in the.

The article also said the bombers the Pentagon R & D program is aimed at maintaining the U.S. military forces in the Pacific, the latest battle plan consistent. This is called Airsea Battle program intended to integrate the U.S. Navy and Air Force ships and aircraft, in order to better "guard Taiwan" defense may attack from the mainland; but also to deal with China expand its influence in leading the move overseas.

The article said that about the U.S. active duty forces, 160 are equipped with guided bombs B-1, B-2 and B-52 bombers to the Pacific War the United States has become an important planning consideration. However, in this part of the bombers, only 20 B-2 bombers have the ability to evade radar, China; B-1 and B-52 may be more vulnerable to a Chinese fighter and its surface to air missile attacks. The research and development of new bombers may replace part of the B-1 and B-2 bomber, to form more long-range viability of the power.

According to the U.S. Pacific Command Air Force Commander Gen. Gary North said • U.S. Air Force base in Guam has been on the B-52 and B-2 bomber through the shunt. With the new service time is approaching bombers, the Air Force may be installed on new types of "rugged" aircraft library - or to conceal or disguise, to protect the high cost of the aircraft from the Chinese ballistic missile attacks.

The article said that North has hinted that the new bomber might be one of the functions to meet future war with China. He said that defeat the Chinese Air Force F -20 fighter new key is to prevent it from taking off and landing base for China's domestic airport. U.S. bombers that could be used within hours of the beginning of the war against China in depth zone airport base.

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