China’s Major General recognized PLA couldn’t challenge U.S. military superiority

U.S. forces recently released "National Military Strategy Report" relating to the contents of the Asia Pacific region accounted for more space. Some public opinion, the U.S. military shift in the focus of this means more to target China, and even lead to Sino-US military confrontation and conflict. I do not think so easy to make judgments.

U.S. Marine Corps

U.S. Marine Corps

China's Marine Corps

China's Marine Corps

Should see the new U.S. "National Military Strategy," in addition to military strategy toward China reflects the alert, the statement on the relationship between the two armies have many positive aspects, for example, with China to seek "positive, cooperative and comprehensive relationship" Welcome to China's commitment to "responsible leadership" and so on. This is not simply diplomatic rhetoric by the packaging, but the real strategic needs of the U.S. military. Because the United States in dealing with regional and global security challenges, needs China's cooperation rather than confrontation.

Security relations, especially Sino-US military relations between the two countries far behind in other areas of the relationship. In a sense, Sino-US military relations are in a "security dilemma" at home.

To break the "security dilemma", China needs to strengthen its military power at the same time, more self-confident display of strategic transparency. Sometimes, the paper then pierce the layer of the window, others will not be random suspicion, but also no more reason to give you refrain from labeling others, will take the initiative yourself more.

But the key but also because America's strategic orientation. As a strong and commanding the party, the United States to abandon Cold War thinking, not to China's military, especially the navy, air force and the development of strategic deterrent forces as their own challenges and threats. China's national interests is constantly expanding, is to maintain regional security, stability and prosperity of the international community to contribute more. The number of Chinese peacekeepers sent among the Council's five permanent members of the first, the Chinese naval fleet in the Gulf of Aden and the Somali waters to combat piracy operations are gaining more and more praise. In short, the status of China's military modernization is far from suited to safeguard the interests of national security and support national development needs, together with China will always adhere to the road of peaceful development and a defensive military strategy, so there is no mention of U.S. security and regional and global interests The threats and challenges.

Sino-US military relations break "security dilemma" is an important way, the strategy is to improve communication between the two countries, we should frankly explain to the American People's Liberation Army can not afford, and no intention to challenge U.S. regional and global military advantages, there is no pursuit of the strategic objectives of regional military hegemony, China's military modernization for the sole purpose is to protect national security interests and development interests, as well as the international community to provide security "public goods." China has never, and never will in future use of military force strong bullying the weak.

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates in early January visit to China, PLA Chief of General Staff Chen Bingde the first half will turn to visit the U.S.. This high-level military exchanges on military enhance mutual trust has an irreplaceable role. Of course, we can not expect one or two dialogues can solve all the problems, but as long as the strategy to maintain smooth communication channels, you can from quantitative to qualitative change, promoting strategic mutual trust, at least to a certain extent, reducing both false positives on the other side's military intentions.

Strategic judgments in addition to abandon the "zero sum" thinking, we should also strengthen cooperation in the consolidation and development of military relations. As long as both sides enhance cooperation and willingness to avoid a lose-lose, China and the U.S. military, particularly the two navies have great room for cooperation, especially in dealing with non-traditional security cooperation in the field, you can work together for peace in region and the world contribution. ( By Yangyi, Chinese Navy Rear Admiral )

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