Canard, tilt double-tail, the head looks similar to America’s most advanced stealth fighter F-22 "Raptor" … Recently, one said to be China’s fifth-generation stealth fighter photo widely circulated on the Internet. National "military fans" be identified as "J -20", and friends nicknamed as "Black Ribbon." Canada broke the news known to the Han and defense review site even claimed that the plane photographed a mysterious aircraft in Chengdu airport taxi tests of the video. Many Western media and military experts to China with great interest the development process of the fifth-generation fighter, performance parameters, deployment time were in-depth analysis and speculation.

the U.S. Navy carrier-based pilot in the movie TOPGUN

The U.S. Navy carrier-based pilot in the movie TOPGUN

In some U.S. experts, the performance of J -20 with the U.S. military’s most advanced F-22 stealth fighter comparable, may endanger the U.S. air superiority fighter. Some even exclaimed: China’s fifth generation fighter will break the military balance in East Asia. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei Jan. 6 at a regular press conference answered the question said that China adheres to peaceful development and pursues a defensive national defense policy, and do not pose a threat to any country.

Some domestic military experts on the "News of the World," a reporter pointed out that the development of the F -20 fighter marked the new century, but the level of U.S. stealth fighter technology there are still gaps. Development of sophisticated weapons to China is not a threat to who, but a new situation, the actual needs of China’s national defense building.

China J-20 VS the U.S. F-22

the one most concerned about China’s new weapons is certainly the U.S. military. J-20 U.S. media reports, there will always be proud of with the U.S. F-22 stealth fighter compared to artificially create a "stealth fighter-US Competition" gimmick. Bloomberg news agency website on January 7 article on "Chinese stealth fighter intended to counter the F-22, F-35" as a theme, render the atmosphere of Sino-US confrontation stealth fighter.

Reported that, according to media revealed the photos show, the F -20 before the recent flight taxiing being tested. China in the field for the latest stealth fighter, the U.S. Navy intelligence in a statement that the development of the Chinese people know their own value of civil and military aircraft, they are actively developing a new generation technology and related subsystems (including: radar, engines and weapons), the recent appearance of the J -20 is the embodiment of this area. U.S. Navy intelligence analyst pointed out that China’s new stealth fighter design, is to be used to "counter" F-22 and F-35′s.

Some U.S. military experts and even by the so-called "J -20 pictures" for professional interpretation to analyze the performance of this mysterious fighter, and then with the United States compared with the type of equipment.

According to the U.S. Fox News reports, the Navy’s top pilots in Iraq have been 44 combat missions over Matthew Buckley said, "It (F -20) may suddenly fly in front of us, this is indeed a cause for concern . "Buckley said, the F -20 irregular shape of the fuselage, while there is no external fuel tanks and missiles, the system, hence, have a good stealth performance. "We can say that J -20 with a fairly sophisticated stealth design, compared to me drive the F-18 on the radar screen as a 18-wheeled carriage."

International Assessment and Strategy Center website published the Chinese military expert Richard Fisher speculated that, with J -20 into the engine is under development, the thrust is expected to reach 15-18 tons, will be more than F- 22. Fisher said: "According to the information we learned, J -20 is indeed in some ways better than the F-22, or even can be concluded that it is completely stronger than the F-35." There are some Western experts believe that the fighter, the F – 20 In the supersonic cruise and sensitivity may be weaker than the F-22, but may be equipped with more weapons and tanks, and carry more fuel.

And "Raptor" is still not a small gap

Although some Western scholars and experts greatly exaggerated the performance of J -20 how advanced, but compared with the U.S., China in the field of stealth fighters and there is not much advantage at all.

U.S. Air Force currently has more than 100 aircraft equipped with F-22 "Raptor" stealth fighter planes and more than 20 strategic bomber B-2 stealth, to create a clear division of labor "air stealth commando." The criticism by outsiders F-35 Joint Strike Fighter also has the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps aviation in three different models to meet various operational requirements, and can form a level with the F-22 mix of combat absolutely can not be underestimated. In addition, in other countries before the introduction of stealth fighter, the Air Force has eliminated stealth fighter F-117. In other words, the U.S. stealth fighter replacement much faster than the other countries. It is enough to note the strength of U.S. stealth fighter is not as exaggerated as the outside world "may be pressed a Chinese fighter."

Even if the proposed assessment of J -20 really exists, its technical performance but also with the F-22 or F-35 a considerable gap. British "Daily Telegraph" to comment, said: "Look under the photo should be wary of this way of conclusion." The paper quoted the British Association for International Policy Studies as saying that aviation experts Douglas Barry, J -20 is similar to the fuselage Russia to give up the MiG -1.42 demonstrator. Aviation experts said Richard Aboulafia, "J -20 The body design is not worthy of praise, because in the last century there have been 80 had a similar design." In addition, the article also stressed that China’s first Five fighters from the prototype stage into production, the need to face many challenges. For example, the Chinese fighter avionics system behind the United States, Europe and Russia.

U.S. worried about China’s "anti-access" weapons

The appearance of J -20, so wary of China’s military development of the Western countries found the speculation, "China military threat" in the new excuse. Canada, editor of the Han and defense review site, said Andrei Chang, J -20 in the timing of the emergence of a "manifestation of China’s new policy of deterrence." Fisher said the U.S. military experts, anti-ship ballistic missiles, and is now with the fifth-generation fighter, the Chinese will have weakened the U.S. deterrent in Asia, two key pillars.

Recent years, the so-called China’s "anti-access weapons," the research and development, much the U.S. military’s attention. Appeared before the J -20, by foreign media as "carrier killers," the wind-21D anti-ship ballistic missiles, the U.S. military gave its "terror" for a while. U.S. Pacific Command, Admiral Willard has told Japanese media interview, also said China’s anti-ship ballistic missiles already have an initial operational capability. In addition, China launched the aircraft carrier’s time the Western media from 2012 to 2020, speculated over and over, and that "the Western Pacific is the Chinese put up a new barrier."

In rendering the Chinese "anti-intervention strategy", the United States is strong R & D as an excuse against "anti-access" weapons.

January 6, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced the next 5 years the defense budget reduction plan. Although the Pentagon on several weapons under the "termination order", but the money saved in the new weapons research and development. Gates said the U.S. Air Force and Navy will accelerate the development of a new generation of weapons, U.S. forces face to meet the "anti-access" challenge. Including the development of a new type of nuclear attack long-range strategic bombers; buy more advanced models of the "death" unmanned aircraft; the critical intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and the funding required for the project, from the temporary war funding into permanent funding; and so on through the streamlining of staff to save some funds for a new generation of electronic signal jamming equipment to speed up research and development.

Homeopathy for Chinese fighter upgrade

Experts believe that China’s development if the current fifth-generation fighter, should not the international surprising because the technical rules of military development model, the relative level of international competition of view, this should be the general trend.

Journal of Strategic Energy Fund Board Hongyuan expert on the "News of the World," told reporters that the fifth generation fighter stealth and supersonic cruise, other than both technically demanding and, in the speed and height requirements and is not high, even compared to the second generation of fighters have gaps, and therefore our current processes and technologies, it should have the ability to complete the development of this generation of fighters. "In short, is the ability to create second-generation warplanes, and then mastered the stealth technology, we can create the Five fighters."

Hongyuan that China adopted a military technology "and the coordinated development of national economy, and secure way forward. Developed from years of Chinese weapons law, the general is" equipment group, development group, design group " rolling model for the development, if there are stealth fighters, but also the steps that a normal result of the development of national defense. At the same time should also see the development of U.S. stealth fighter has been 20 years, and is constantly updated progress in various fields technology far more than China, in this case, the development of new stealth fighter, it can be said is catching up with the world advanced level in the direct embodiment of the military.

Speculation against the West, "China’s new fighters to break the military balance in East Asia," the speech, Hongyuan that China, as the maintenance of regional peace and security, an important force, should first have to stop the war and safeguarding peace force protection, and thus to avoid conflict and war . Song Xiaojun military expert also believes that the emergence of the prototype F -20, does not mean that China’s peaceful development strategy change, the growth of Chinese military power and we must match economic growth.


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