Chinese self- developed new fighter aircraft J-20, yesterday successfully completed its first flight which lasted about 18 minutes.

J-20 successful maiden flight, to coincide with U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates visited China during the foreign media in general that this is China to the United States "show muscles."

In this regard, "Military World POINT" magazine executive editor of Chao Chu believes that "show muscles" to say that first flight of the J-20 "over-interpretation."

China J-20 test flight

China J-20 yesterday successfully completed its first flight, the whole test flight process was completed accompanying by J-10S trainer battle

From the end of December last year, some unclear pictures of the Chinese J-20 spreaded on the Military Forum, and quickly caught the attention of military fans. The new military fighter fans also named the "Black Ribbon" – this is consistent with the J-20 fighter’s body paint, and and "fourth generation" harmonics.

J -20′s first flight yesterday 12:53 or so, 13:11 smooth landing.

The whole test flight process was completed accompanying by J-10S trainer battle, which lasted about 18 minutes. Although the first flight of the F -20 noon or so, but yesterday’s 9:30 start, there are users to begin in the first flight in the vicinity and the telephone through the whole microblogging live. "9:39 am, reviewing stand was standing.

10:36, the pilot of the car and got out.

10:45, J-20 engine ignition, emitting flames, duck tail in the flapping wings, the oil boom, large tail flap canard.

11:30, flying the J-10S with the first launch.

12:33, flying the J-10S with the second launch, first flight in the airspace J-20 hovering about, waiting for the J-20 off.

12:47, J-20 onto the runway.

12:53, J-20 from the ground into the sky! "

User’s full live show, the J-20 after launch, after the launch of the j-10S aircraft from the new right-back joined the fleet. 13:06, J-20 began to decline for landing. A few minutes later, the J-20 wheels touch the ground, smoke trailing parachute. J-20 in the moment of landing, flight-site series of sensational fireworks also.

Broadcast also showed that the first flight were flying J-20 three times, two laps around the high low.

China J-20 landing successfully

China J-20 landing successfully

First flight scheduled on January 6

A user posted photos from the flight can be found, J-20 body with black paint, coated with a huge tail at the red star logo, the rear left and right wings are coated with the Chinese air force emblem logo, new aircraft with the previous military first flight, the yellow rust coating different.

Live video also shows the entire flight process, J-20 "ribs" on both sides of the landing gear did not put away. In response, military buff explained that this is because four generations of machine flight range is short, no need to put away the gear, but also for the first flight emergencies that may arise during the protective measures.

According to another netizen said, F -20 scheduled flight the afternoon of January 6, but due to weather cancellation.

Research in the U.S. and Russian military aircraft accounted for the high ground

"Black Ribbon" successful maiden flight, the Air Force has a kind of meaning? "Military World POINT" magazine executive editor of Chao Chu believes that the United States and Russia’s most advanced fifth-generation fighters have the "4S" capability, that is, stealth, supersonic cruise, ultra mobile and short takeoff and landing, "J-20 to successful first flight, marking the development of military aircraft in one of the world on the forefront. "

Zhao Chu believes that with "fifth-generation fighter" is more appropriate to call J-20, "is the world’s fifth-generation fighter aircraft developed by the military high ground, now have the ability to independently developed and successfully flight test the country the fifth-generation fighter, only the United States, Russia and China . "

Chu Zhao does not endorse external media "show muscles" saying, "the foreign media and some users view, is the first flight over interpretation of the results of J-20. That the first flight of the J-20 Gates put pressure on the one hand, for the emotional needs of domestic users to guess, on the other hand, some foreign experts to meet the China threat theory, but also to make this assessment. "

J-20 flight is a normal work

China’s Ministry of National Defense Foreign Affairs Office of the Deputy Director Guang Youfei in the evening of 11 in reply to the J-20 fighter flight issue, said China’s development of weapons and equipment is not targeted at any country and specific objectives. From the time point of view, no relevance, is the normal working arrangements.

Guang Youfei, said China according to the overall planning of national defense and army building, develop a number of weapons and equipment, which is to safeguard national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity needs, but also conform to the new world revolution in military affairs, new weapons and equipment to emerging needs, not for any country and any specific goals. "This principle is also on the flight test activities, not targeted at any country and does not visit the U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, is a normal working arrangements."


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