The greatest significance of China's fifth generation fighter is not only a deterrent to U.S. imperialism, but also a milestone that Chinese reproduce the self-confidence when the Chinese Han and Tang Dynasties:

1, for the first time in China is no longer in the forefront of technological imitation and the cottage, out of his way. 
2, breaking a hundred years can not go beyond the formation of the Western myth of invincibility that the resulting inferiority complex. 
The psychological impact of the Chinese people is the biggest obstacle to innovation.

Since the Yellow Emperor to the Han and Tang Dynasties, the Chinese has never lacked for innovation, and why, The Harbourside dictates the self-confidence! Then people gradually by ideology (Confucianism) constraints. Decline until the late Qing Dynasty autistic full, resulting in a serious inferiority complex in front of foreigners is not confident of the Group Psychology. How can such a mentality of innovation?

Turned out to four generations of machines so that people suddenly realize that science fiction may not be the U.S. patent, foreigners will it matter. The psychological shock is like nails pulled out a hundred years in the heart of the wedge.

In the foreseeable future, as a potential Trojan is activated, all kinds of innovation is bound endless. Chinese leading technology and cultural trends of the day, you my lifetime (50 years of age) must be clearly see.

Looking back: high-speed rail can be said that nuclear technology is the computer world, coupled with the 4th generation machine, turned out to be clear:

The efforts of several generations, I have established a complete toward the highly sophisticated industrial manufacturing systems. With this highly sophisticated manufacturing their own, highly complex industrial product manufacturing system, it shows that China's industrial manufacturing capacity on a higher level, in line with the power of the. What is the future production of products, development of any new thing, everything in their own very easily.

China is no longer the bottom of the former kind can only produce ordinary products country. Now is the independent production of sophisticated products to countries, and this ability is systemic, covering basic materials, metal casting and forging cut refining processing, electronics, chemicals (sealing and bonding material), precision machinery, precision motor, precision automatic control and monitoring and control components, remote sensing and remote control, software development, with the industrial capacity, tossing stuff out something new, there is a solid foundation.

With the diamond, you can embrace porcelain live. Someday we want to make a twisted wing aircraft as cannabis, live missiles, tanks vertically to go, what rifle fired back Dances, is a word thing.

Fear of imperialism, it is China's industrial system from a system of extensive low-level industrial and progress to the level of their overall catch. Of a country's industrial capacity to improve, this is the greatest threat of imperialism.

Many countries, including India and the South East such as land area is not too small for U.S. imperialism is no threat to the country, precisely because they do not have a complete industrial system.

Men should also keep in mind however: the heart of the imperialist death I die. Fortunately, after 80 has provoked the rise of the burden, hey, no one can stop the rise of my heavenly.


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