China brought a large order, the Germans could not believe this is true

Germans could not believe this is true: in the heart of Europe for decades, Germany had not made such a good economic results. But such results would not make sense in Germany stood out? Guests from Beijing to Europe brought joy, and with the basic values related to the controversy in Hungary gave the European cause trouble.

Germany should enter the new year with optimism. According to the German Bureau of Statistics data provided last year, Germany's 2010 economic growth rate of 4%. The country is in the heart of Europe for decades have not had such a high growth rate. People everywhere feel the optimism. Factory chimney began to smoke, a large number of big companies but also recruit people in the export industry more present prosperity. Even if people are worried about stability in the euro also show the positive side: this concern the euro lower, which helps exports.

Of course, Greece, Ireland and Portugal is still the heart of Europe. But precisely because of this weakness into account, the European Central Bank to raise interest rates only to give up a significant strategy. This in turn promotes investment. Economic prosperity to more people had jobs, increase purchasing power, promote consumption - form a virtuous circle.

At least the Germans may think. The last decade, Germany's economic growth rate has been ranked at the end of European countries, far below the EU average. Now, the German suddenly became the driving force of economic recovery in Europe. European countries are one after another into bankruptcy.

The next decade will belong to Germany, it?

Some German economists began to revel in the "German decade" of the idea. But others warned that the economy will soon be on the thriving to the German cause trouble. Because if the other euro country's economic recovery is not the case, supporting the German economy's export industry will be seriously affected.

And Mr. Lee's visit to Europe in such a state of ambivalence, it is time for the Europeans. People joked that he was "rich Li Shushu." Li Keqiang, because the Europeans do not really know much. His current visit to Europe for the Europeans brought a few hundred million euros in the subscription business and the huge national debt. The Chinese are coming, bring a large order, and let the Europeans had a dependence on China. Europeans this willingly, because their American friends is difficult to have such generous. Democratic Republic of the United States is mired in infighting among the parties. Economic malaise and confusion in the internal affairs of the U.S. leg to stand on, can not take into account Europe's old friend.

United States ignored Europe, but China took advantage

United States, a minister to visit Europe, called for increased trade with Europe for many years the situation has not emerged. Not only that, since the economic crisis, the United States acted perverse and selfish. Most Europeans do not trust the United States, so close to Europe and China now is not surprising.

Although the euro is weak, people can feel confident that Beijing Europe. So, while some Europeans held a grudge against China's authoritarian government, but still welcome the Chinese approach. In a difficult period in Europe, close to China's initiative to make Europe understand that China-US leaders do not seek a bipolar world, and hope that Europe will become the world's third pole.

Brussels, 27 members of the club through the efforts this week to avoid the obstacles. Body problem in Hungary. In charge of the EU in the first half of this year, become the leader of a small country in Eastern Europe strongly criticized by other countries. Because it is a new media law introduced a green light to search for news. (wareye.com)

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