071 first ship, "Kunlun Mountains" was the dock landing ship launched in December 2006, full load displacement of 18,000 tons. One source said that the class dock landing ship can take the load up to 800 soldiers, and a recent photo shows the Chinese Internet, the ship's deck or dock berth can accommodate 24-32 vehicles ZBD-05 amphibious assault vehicles Fast . In addition, there are boat space ship carrying an unknown number of armored vehicles.

071-based dock landing ship's rear deck can be used for two straight -8 helicopter while taking off and landing, hangar can accommodate aircraft straight -8 3-4. December 21, 2010 News recently named by the People's Liberation Army Navy "EXECUTIVE" ship in Shanghai Pudong held a grand launching ceremony.

China made type 071 of dock landing ship 
A new type of domestic water in the 071 2-ship landing ship dock

The "EXECUTIVE" named ship, fully embodies the troops of the Red Revolutionary Base Area of love and praise, is to inherit and carry forward the spirit of Jinggangshan. It is understood that, "EXECUTIVE" ship is the displacement of the largest integrated Navy dock landing ship, for the landing forces and the organized transport of weapons and equipment, Captain 210 meters, width of 28 meters, a displacement of 19,000 tons. (Bi Kunlun Mountain dock landing ship displacement of 18,000 tons from 1,000 tons of large, can hold many advanced weapons such as: multi-loaded 10 to 15, or more than 99 main battle tanks equipped with 3 to 5 armed helicopters for emergency evacuation operations, international humanitarian relief activities, etc., the space necessary to big!

China's latest 071-ship dock aboard the second ship is nearing completion

China's latest 071-ship dock aboard the second ship is nearing completion

Recently, a group of foreign websites in China has published the latest 071-ship dock aboard the second ship loaded map sun and speculation that the ship's hull number might be 999. 071 China's first ship dock landing ship, hull number 998, named "Kunlun Mountains" was being the implementation of the Gulf of Aden to escort missions. 
Contrast the Japanese quasi carriers – at the No.

"Japan to the" number and the Maritime Self Defense Force destroyers past completely different. From the "physique" point of view, "at the" No. 197 meters long, 33 meters wide, the standard displacement of 13,950 tons full load displacement of 18,000 tons; our good dock landing ship favorably Jinggangshan: Captain 210 meters, 28 meters wide, displacement of 19,000 tons. The only downside is not adopted through the deck, the speed is less than at the numbers, do not know whether it will install more than the Chinese Aegis phased array radar, if the combat capability of the Aegis radar a bit rude Jinggangshan on Dokdo to the number and the number ! We can also be used as the flagship of the sea to direct the formation of modern naval warfare and so on.

Japan's quasi carriers

Data Figure: Japan's quasi carrier

Compare South Korea – Dokdo No.

Dokdo "was from the structure and function, it appears that a combination of" Osumi "level and" at the "level of both worlds, both through the flight deck, and the organic base and dock space, so" Dokdo "was in full compliance with General the definition of amphibious assault ship (with the Kunlun Mountains is very similar to the Kunlun Mountains is no direct flight deck with the Dokdo and Japan than to the no!) "Dokdo" in the body of 1.8 million tons of the ship is equipped with a hangar, vehicles tanks and dock space, resulting in a limited space of each compartment, so the overall combat power more evenly.

"Dokdo" was the number of carrier-based aircraft equipped with only seven, rather than "at the" level of 11, LCAC carrying amount of the two, as "Kunlun Mountains" number four, three warships of the load displacement tonnage of just All 1.8 million tons. Are we that much of air refueling aircraft, naval long-range goals to really hit the U.S. aircraft carrier than the carrier-based aircraft on the poor you! Controlled by the air marshal -2000 Washington aircraft carrier with the number of carrier aircraft took off to do less!

Korean prospective carrier Dokdo Korea 
Data Figure: No. Korea Dokdo

When we read the data, are not understood why – in fact (quasi carriers) aircraft carrier in the present, we have racked their brains around to look at the Internet and dialectic "Chinese aircraft carrier!" From time to time also Varyag obscenity about the fighting, to say that those are virtual, when fighting in front depends on the Kunlun Mountains Jinggangshan and dock landing ship this: In fact Jinggangshan not much different with the prospective carrier.

They are fighting not bad, 3 ~ 4 months against the fleet composition of dock landing ship, and also that the full support of Army aviation or naval, together with any of the Second Artillery forces to surround and annihilate the South China Sea is a small country has more than enough! Chinese people are smart do – we call quasi carriers dock landing ship it, so then attracted China threat!

Comments! However, we should believe the facts in the present, only China has enough aircraft carriers to think big, not what we expected not to accept the perfect everything! Want to have a big guy to take time, you can not plan for the aircraft carriers are still willing to wait here on, helplessly watching other people from our house seats and seize territory, grab the sea of oil, natural gas and other energy bar. Sometimes we have to learn from the Japanese: Japanese helicopter to escort the Japanese Self-Defense Forces – also made a come out against you; then South Korean Dokdo out; and then later the Chinese said, pointing EXECUTIVE: This is the dock landing ship – - to facilitate the future we do overseas evacuation or humanitarian relief missions and so on … … …

See also how you say the future is China threat theory? – In fact, China does not care in the world, put a ring pop out of the clown fart would have pointed that "the window of their home Blast it!" Haha!


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