Recently a number of pictures of China J-20 aircraft circulated on the network, some foreign media that China will carry out this fifth-generation fighter pilot, and said it is China’s new generation of stealth fighter "J-20". The majority of users and many reported in the media caused a sensation, and the parties also "J-20" debating the authenticity of the message.

J-20, Chinese Air Force fifth generation fighter

China J-20

Foreign media publicizes China J-20 is about to test

United States, "Aviation Week," the official website’s blog section in the December 25 consecutive, 27 and 28 published three on "China’s new generation stealth fighter," the article. The website also upload the photos, said China’s next generation fighter "J-20" – the first known Chinese stealth aircraft – the ongoing taxiing tests.

Australia, "Australian Aviation" report also said 30 sites, news and pictures from China show that China’s large-scale stealth fighter "J-20" flight test. Photo display, "J-20" seems to have been in the Dec. 22 completion of the Chengdu High-speed ground taxi tests, the volume seems to be greater than the U.S. F-22 "Raptor" fighter, and Russia’s fifth-generation fighter T-50 is not phase down.

U.S. "Defense-update" site on December 27 shows a fighter jet on the runway roll of pictures, and said this is similar to the picture stealth fighter aircraft from China, if the information is confirmed, then this will first time that China is now the fifth-generation multi-role fighter development. 
Users of the "J-20" uncompromising authenticity

The spread of the Internet on "J-20" photo, domestic and foreign friends have a different view. Domestic users have said the questionable authenticity of images, some of the picture plane of the "fuselage length and wing" in doubt, and thus whether China really has "J-20" aircraft still to be proved. Netizens pointed out: "It may be trial models." There are user said: "We should not leave." There are User message said, in any case the news is "exciting."

Foreign users of the "J-20" fighter of the truth also holds different views. In the United States, "Defense-update" site, that someone says: "Some ‘J-20′ aircraft picture certainly is a computer synthesis of Chinese ‘artists’ ultra high technology, so that all Western analysts fooled." In the U.S. " Wired "sites, with friends, said the Chinese" J-20 "fighter news reports are false, because the United States had no such reports demonstrate the ability of China’s fifth-generation fighter manufacturing. There are user said: "When Western countries confirm this news, I gradually began to believe it."

China’s foreign friends also have a "J-20" the message said, "well, it makes the world more in balance." In Australia, "Adelaide Now" news online, that someone says: "Photos of the aircraft has become increasingly clear, the era of Western domination will end." There are friends, said: "already seen this type of picture, China now only need to install on aircraft performance and reliable engine. "

In Japan, some of the sites, with Japanese friends to "J-20" the message says: "Is it possible that cottage Japan’s" mind "(fighter) you?" Also have some Japanese friends, said: "It must be Russian-made it ? "There are Japanese friends said:" The reference designs for Tamiya, right? (Tamiya Japan, the world’s most famous manufacturers of model) "

Russian media said that China should not exaggerate the "J-20"

RIA Novosti reported on December 29, before circulating a number of websites have not seen China’s vague "J-20" fighter picture, after some research experts and amateurs, many people think that China has started trial fifth-generation fighter. "J-20" is expected to challenge the United States F-22 and Russian T-50 fighter jets. Some experts say it is Russia and the United States, a combination of fifth-generation fighter, but this is clearly "exaggerate the facts."

Russian news agency reported that in the past 20 years, China and Russia have been working closely with R & D new aircraft, but "J-20" is not a simple replica of Russian fighters, the Chinese are trying to master the use of the technology and expertise to develop the whole The new fighter. Same report also pointed out that China’s new fighter R & D will depend on the success of the following factors: the manufacture of aircraft engines, airframe materials and supporting electronic equipment.

The report also noted, "J-20" The Birth of F-22A than in the U.S. for nearly 20 years later, Russia’s MiG -1.44 later than 17 years later than the Soviet Union about 14 -47 years. If China accepts the "J-20" as a member of this series, 10 years China will create the first fifth-generation fighter aircraft; Otherwise, at least 15-20 years to China on the "J-20" batch production.


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