United States is very clear: China can not fight the Korean War

The background of each worldwide independent event is often complicated, If we are to do on the simple things, it can only say that we are still too short-sighted everywhere in the future is bound to constraints, a bad chess move by others.

Cries out from the rise of great powers of China's peaceful rise the moment, we should think of problems to be faced today, wishful thinking, blind optimism is undesirable. The world's resources are limited, especially for big countries, you inevitably have to rise to the others involved in the cake, when you take up an increasing proportion of world resources, is no different from other people can enjoy a piece of cake to be divided out with you shared, how righteous eat this cake is the Chinese population to plan future strategy elements.

US-ROK military exercise

From the beginning of the implementation of the rise of great powers, we uphold the principle of muffled fortune, harmony with the slogan intended to moisten things silently to a low-profile step by step to achieve their purpose, it is clear up to now, we underestimate the opponent overestimated ourselves, our so-called chess, digging has become a tactic now seems prepared for themselves, sets out the rope is likely to be our rivals at the foot of the Ban Masuo and is processed into Shuanma buckle slightly, the more the more tied struggle We are difficult.

To overcome the present impasse limitations, and that is the breakthrough we use the word self, opportunities and challenges, and so the slogan of this turn of history has been pushed to the front of the next 10 years will witness the period.

BRIC countries, Russia and China, their future in the United States appears to be the biggest potential rival, why the United States to draw BRIC countries, India 3 purpose in this, as it is far from the 4th to the attention of Brazil's time. Russia has his own formula in a, is the need to rise with a large national department, his close relationship with India is able to restrain China's development level is not followed the lead role ahead of a CD, the same rope in India can also weaken the constraints on his future, the United States, Europe and America Western countries attempt to maintain its leading position in the inevitable need to suppress competition, coercion, disintegrating, the parties are using each other to play between the highest way, part of Jinsi part astray will never stop the pace of looking at each other dust away.

So far, the current situation has given way to Russia had to make the final decision in this historical period in Europe, one of the few opportunities for the rise of his strategy, future development opportunities also need this piece of land from Asia to find a breakthrough, with China is his best option.

China to ensure stable and fast the next few decades the development environment will no doubt need a cover all aspects of development, to make many countries feel that China is a country guaranteed, whether economic or military, is a country you can trust If in the moment, we are faced with the strategic suppression of the United States and other countries can not cope, then what they have unreserved confidence in the exchanges with China each other? The simplest example of around everywhere, just like two ordinary people between people, if you do not have enough strength to resist the pressures, others will not dare to put his "treasure" charge on your body, take you a few Hundred thousands of money can be lent in case you one million, although you also have the ability yet, but if the robbers robbed go Would not it be down the drain Jifeidanda it? Is that simple.

In Asia, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, and so if even such small countries can find fault with China, we also talk about how great strength of the country? Furthermore, even if Japan and South Korea that developed countries, if they can rely on so-called U.S. support for military alliance, not the Chinese looked down on, then this increases confidence in the Chinese sense of crisis in the body will not a multiplier effect.

China-DPRK relations has a long history in the history of Peninsular four occasions, during the Ming Emperor Wanli not decades towards a situation, Toyotomi Hideyoshi invaded Korea, China must resolutely sent troops to support North Korea, "North Korea off the white of the map, To map the Chinese real "understanding of the four hundred years ago Japan's wild ambition is to later attempt to invade China again when once again the conclusion of the argument," Tanaka Memorial "It's no secret, right? The beginning of the new China, undone a poverty-stricken conditions, we support the practice of the aggressor against North Korea today, I'd say early to discuss the question should not be, the answer has been given thousands of years, so the year without any doubt the decision, the President did what he should do.

China-DPRK Treaty of Friendship and Mutual Assistance the second clear: The two parties pledged to work together to take all measures to prevent any country of the Contracting Parties of any party to aggression. Once the Contracting Party by any one country or several countries, the joint armed attack, and thus a state of war, the other Contracting Party shall do its utmost to provide immediate military and other assistance. And they clearly stated in Article VII: This Treaty shall be ratified, and since the exchange date of ratification. Exchange of instruments of ratification in Pyongyang. Both parties to the Treaty without change or terminate the agreement before the issue will remain in effect.

The answer has long been self-evident, Americans do not know, Korean people do not know, the Japanese do not even know, but I find that happens, some of us claim to be Chinese "Chinese" is chosen to unclear. Background is also very simple, our opponents can not deny the fact that they only encouraged China's internal strife create the illusion of fifth column, when we say that the Chinese people appear to know their own time, then I am afraid to really They sent troops to Korea of the moment.

For those people with ulterior motives who spread words, what kind of contradictions that exist between China and the DPRK, we have clearly told them that this is a matter between the two allies, an internal contradiction. We can even example, openly say that in about 2002, when North Korean reform to establish SAR, China wants North Korea to the SAR building line in the vicinity of the 38 inter-Korean border, South Korea and Japan in order to attract funds, and Kim Jong Il to the SAR built in the Sino-Korean border Sinuiju, appointed by the Chief Executive still has a foreign nationality in China, so China has the name of anti-gambling anti-arrested the person, not a few such examples, but this is only the problem between our two countries other countries, if the attempt to use to publicize, and even wantonly distorted rumors, then we are firmly tolerated.

China and the DPRK after the 90s re-entered the track of development, the DPRK established diplomatic ties in without warning to bring the unhappy already fully diluted, Kim Jong Il is not a stupid man, look at the years of diplomacy, often to surprise, the actual situation turn against the arrogance of the enemy, but also between countries in the major capability, it is necessary that we correctly understand and reference. Person can only stand live, even take a step backward, but not crawling live, is tantamount to linger.

For the face of imminent war in the Korean peninsula, I still do not predict the possibility of large-scale military war, because Americans clearly understand that time is far from mature, and will call the dog did not bite. Staged massive military exercises does not mean the war to happen, even to the three aircraft carriers and how it again 3. At this moment, who's lived gas Shen who is the winner, I think the North Koreans'd rather see this key point.

If it happens a second Korean War, South Korea, Japan would not tolerate people coming into the act, the U.S. deployment of his younger brother Shangqie the two difficult, if only the U.S. and South Korea launched a war to the death in North Korea's attitude to breaking that the massive humanitarian tragedy will not cope with the situation in the United States, in a continuous war in Iraq, Afghanistan war, the United States from Iran and climb down the center of gravity is doubtful, when launching the war against the DPRK under the policy will be the next .

The biggest breakthrough is that the stick is the South Korean president's IQ in the end geometry, if he is still not clear analysis of key events, spur of the moment made a stupid move, this session will be Korean regime's downfall is inevitable. Large and small countries in the game, only large hand puppet manipulated to happen.

If we now regret that the Department, I'm afraid the Chinese made it clear so the lack of decisive means and the big country style, from another point of view, if China United Russia, in some regions is also conducting military exercises, the situation is what general circumstances it? The Korean Peninsula issue, if China does not take the initiative, I am afraid that Russia's excuse for not too many, we can see is that he seems to wait any longer, so the two erupted.

Not too late to remedy the situation, if the six-party talks in the Sino-Russian joint action, even if it is to throw a schedule for the next few months, will also present dangerous situation in the peninsula have a profound impact, most likely to break up overnight clouds clouds over the Korean peninsula, things will always be a funny side.

This time, look to the little place on the Internet, I can only be the next one conclusion: this time out to advocate the demise of the DPRK, China, the United States to avoid war yield to the various comments people are shameless with their base of operations masters , users who keep their eyes open, wary.

Note: The 20-year period of Sino-DPRK Treaty of Friendship, one party has requested modification or termination shall, within six months before the expiry of the other party, otherwise, the treaty automatically extended for 20 years, 1981, 2001, the treaty automatically renewed twice, is now valid until 2021 years.

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