Korean worships superpower, looks down Japan and South Korea!

December 13, 2010, Professor Jin Canrong, vice president of Institute of International Relations of Renmin University of China guest Phoenix to discuss the issue on the Korean Peninsula.

Jin: Why reverse the Korean pro-American?

Jin Canrong guest Phoenix
Moderator: Thank you very much Professor Jin's speech, then North Korea that we know is that now you just said, it is wishful thinking to think now is the United States and well, and hope that the United States to protect it, and then lift it outside in the international the state of social isolation, and then let it inside to integration into the international community, it put such a bet, and its ideological pressure in such a confrontation, but once it is saying that the war had such a national body, which kinds of thinking, we feel a little less logical, how else is?

Jin: That is so since the end of the Cold War, socialist countries had a three way election. One way is the Soviet Union and East models, a comprehensive reform, and shock therapy, and now looks not very good results, people are living is worse than before, the exception of a few elites to make money, that is better than before, but the big some people are living is not good, this is a road called the Su Dongbo road. There is also a Vietnam model, in fact, the Chinese model, that is, adhere to the political leadership of the CPC under the premise of full liberalization of the free market economy, which now looks a relatively successful.

North Korea is the only thing is that it changes nothing, so South Korea, Cold War, South Korean media called it a living fossil, then because it is a history of such a choice, choose it because of this historical look at the outside world, I think the cold war the greatest impact, so it has a very strange mentality, is that it is worship of the two superpowers, so there it six in China, South Korea, Japan look down a little, and very deep, collective psychology looked down upon.

So my impression is it that South Korea is the capacity of the whole country is weaker than it, the collective memory of it is easy to say I gave 60 years ago, beat people, so that the military you are not my opponent, which Many think it a prerequisite, the economic center of its doctrine from the United States to explain, in a sense the DPRK on the United States is a love-hate complex.

Jin: Korea, Japan and Korea despised superpower Worship

Jin: hate it that is really hate, hated teeth, and then worship it, so they view the world has a strong American-centrism, it is the case in Korea this explanation, that you are not militarily and economically is now better than me, but at the same time is 70 years, before 1971, GDP per capita as North Korea than South Korea is also strong, so once that I do not rely on the economy I do not rely on, then why the opened gap? Fix me because the United States, the United States to help you, China is also strange that they admitted 60 years ago to help China in its lot, but the evaluation is not high in China, they think of them in the Korean War when China is as cheap labor, as to wage earners like that.

Command of the Soviet people, and equipment of the Soviet Union, so very highly of the Soviet Union, our evaluation is not high, and the economy, too, said the economy before the mid-70′s better than me, and later was worse, worse because you surrender United States, then the United States to help you, that I was the only adhere to socialism.

It said the United States against me, so very strong American-centrism, but also worship the United States than Americans themselves, and then it looked down upon in Japan, the Korean people are generally aware of a Japanese economic miracle, life is good, it is surrender to explain the results of the United States , then the independence of Japan's diplomacy, diplomacy in recent years, the independence of evaluation is not high, it is basically that the United States get the Japanese to get out to short it seems that the Cold War mentality in which this framework is that all these three This is not a correct understanding, the source of my answer to this problem is such that it is not out of the cold war as a state of survival, the survival status is not resolved, so it is no mental state to resolve, and then big thinking, have not been resolved, so specific policy choice becomes, in our looks very strange.

Moderator: Now it seems the Korean peninsula, including the so-called six-party talks, obviously not for Korea and talks and talks to North Korea, but also to North Korea from developing nuclear weapons talks, the focus is very clear, so the entire Korean Peninsula issue is North Korea, but North Korea from developing nuclear weapons issue, it created a six-party talks, but North Korea, the focus of a meeting of its own position is that this six-party talks is not acceptable,

Jin: So As to the six-party talks, North Korean attitude is not in fact absolutely refused, because the DPRK is to say, we act a little strange to see it outside, but it and had had its logic in it, it is also well aware of that is to solve the DPRK nuclear issue in fact nothing more than a few means of a military strike, a military strike is the actual parties to the ability of several parties, I believe that at least a few large countries China, Russia, the United States are capable of rapidly a few minutes Destroy it, this is no problem, but the consequences are too serious, so basically in theory, can be excluded, not politically correct, so this means we ruled out the basic, but now the trouble is this, that can be sure to say that North Korea does not have the weight, not its own to the United States is really no time to reason it will not work; therefore relatively not bad, and the six-party talks is possible.

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