Repercussions dispute over the Diaoyu Islands

Sino-Japanese relations is not only due to the release of the Japanese fishing boat captain in China, and China put in a short time of three confidential suspected of videotaping the Japanese military engineers in China and thawing, both sides have different but frequently take the opportunity to continue showing strong position.

Premier Wen Jiabao later participated in the Asia-Europe summit, the Foreign Ministry will not have been reported with the total temperature of Naoto Kan, Japanese Prime Minister met with refusal to maintain contact with the gesture; Furthermore, China's fishery patrol boat is to sail around the Diaoyu Islands to highlight China has the right in the territorial sea duty, there is not an exclusive Japanese waters. As for Japan's response was blunt ─ right-wing groups took to the streets, claiming sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands; discontent within the Japanese parliament composed of members release of the Chinese captain, "Mr Action Coalition to defend national sovereignty," the non-partisan organization, asked the Government to open maritime security Office of the Chinese hit the Japanese patrol boat shot.

The latest news, Japan and the United States will hold joint military exercise in November, "simulation" war plan back the Diaoyu Islands, and its purpose is very clear that exercise is to strengthen US-Japan military alliance, and to contain China's influence in the region force.

China and Japan over the Diaoyu Islands waters caused by the aftermath of the collision, in addition to the trigger Sino-Japanese relations deteriorated, and strengthen Japan-US joint defense to curb China, the Western media to re-new wave "China threat theory" is another trend worth noting.

After 2001, "9.11" terrorist attack, and 08 after the financial tsunami, "friendly cooperation" of Sino-US dispute is not never to return again and sometimes unrelated to the confrontation, which is very favorable outlook for gold.

Japan-US plan joint military exercise held on 12 islands defense simulation

Japan-US relations, according to sources of more than 3 revealed that Japanese and U.S. governments are to the U.S. and Japan Self-Defense Forces in December to conduct joint military exercises to adjust.

The source said that the exercise program had already developed as early as 2009, and the recent incident of the Senkaku Islands (Chinese name: Diaoyu Islands) waters of Japan and has nothing to do collision. As China recently in the sovereignty of the Senkaku Islands show a hard line on exercises like the Japan-US cooperation will have a prominent effect.

Allegedly, the exercise met the Japanese attack on the imaginary island. Naval exercise is likely to Ishigaki Island in Okinawa and other islands of the Pacific side of southwest waters. Land-based exercises may Oita GSDF field exercises held in Taiwan was born. U.S. Seventh Fleet's nuclear-powered aircraft carrier "George Washington" plan participating.

Japan and the U.S. in 2006 and implemented in the sea near Iwo Jima to the Senkaku Islands under armed attack on the hypothetical exercise, the exercise used the U.S. aircraft carrier.

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