China is unrealistic, Europe and America are birds of a feather

Recently, the Chinese premier's visit to Europe, a sense of timely debt crisis of the EU to gain EU support to ease U.S. pressure on the RMB exchange rate, China can win this friendship between the European Union, is questionable, but may be adding insult to injury, the final compensation the dollar and humiliated.
Chinese leaders have sent a huge gift to the European Union, categorically declared that the EU will not abandon the bonds, would buy the brink of bankruptcy also said the Greek bonds. Decadent low in the EU economy, a major U.S. investment banks bad-mouthing the occasion, Beijing decided hand, the EU is a great support. At present the EU's financial situation can be described as precarious, Greece, Italy, Spain and other countries into a debt crisis and can not extricate themselves.

In mid-August, the market was ready to sell euro bonds in China spread, causing depreciation of the euro again. China in this timely, not only position not to sell, but also by other countries to eat into the Greek seen as junk bonds, which is equal to EU countries reassurance, since you can relax.

Good cop and bad cop, the essence of birds of a feather

Yes, America is bad-mouthing the EU economy the culprit. Greek national debt crisis, the U.S. ratings agencies and investment banks added insult to injury, the sovereignty of these countries continue to lower the rating, the European bond markets on edge. U.S. bad-mouthing the euro, mainly in Europe to attract international hot money to buy U.S. Treasury bonds, for the United States to issue more treasury bonds to provide support.

EU and China are the common victims of U.S. monetary policy. The United States on the one hand to suppress the euro, on the one hand to force the appreciation of the renminbi, to repudiate the huge debt owed. In theory, China Contact EU against the United States is a good choice, but in fact did not work.

US-EU and Sino-US conflict is fundamentally different nature of conflicts, the U.S. and Europe although the frequent quarrels, but not life and death struggle, the two sides close to the ideological, military alliances and economic ties between the intricate, and between the United States is the relationship of strategic competition, the United States not only to rob the Chinese economic results, but also the color revolution in China. In this case, the EU anti-US alliance with China, how could it?

In fact, the EU still held a grudge, not only did not recognize China's market economy status, but the military has been reluctant to lift its ban, both the lack of substantive trust. In addition, in recent years the EU Tibetan separatist, East Turkistan separatists frequently to China on issues such as launch an attack, but also blaspheming stop China's energy investments in Africa, criticized China's human rights and religious issues. German Foreign Minister not long ago to the EU voice, asked the EU to play a balance between China and Japan strategies. In this case, the Chinese overtures to the EU, is it unrealistic?

From the triangular relationship between the U.S. and Europe a few years in the development process point of view, the U.S. and Europe is jointly blackmail China, a good cop, a bad cop. When the United States play the villain, the Chinese to buy aircraft to the EU, to buy bonds; bad cop when the European Union, China to the United States to purchase the aircraft, buy bonds. Did you get get to go, China has become taken advantage of. In fact, for China, Europe and America are birds of a feather, there is no difference. Give in, we must first of the hungry, exhausted, when the Chinese shot until the European Union, I am afraid will be more abundant harvest.

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