Startling fact: China has been caught in the encirclement of imperialism!

China first would go out of the civil encirclement, and then to break through the border outside the encirclement. Comprehensive reform is the only way out.

Recently, the discussion on China was surrounded by more, there must be many of those soldiers. See the potential threats, prevent and eliminate these threats, it is military duty. China has indeed been surrounded, but China is not only surrounded by unfriendly foreign forces and the armed forces, as well as in neighboring countries, this result of social factors. Encirclement of both the real, there are people in the psychological feelings. When the unfriendly events outside our borders increases, China's increased diplomatic passive sense of people were surrounded.

Encirclement of nuclear weapons and territorial disputes

China surrounded by nuclear weapons. Russia, Pakistan, India is a nuclear state; North Korea had manufactured nuclear bomb, although not handy. It is reported that North Korea's nuclear program with the cooperation of Myanmar; Japan is a nuclear threshold state, has adequate technical and material reserves, claims ready to assemble thousands of nuclear bombs. Made in Japan as China-made car-bomb can be mass production, the difference is not a joint venture in Japan or imported main parts. South Korea, Taiwan, has a nuclear program. Manufacture of nuclear weapons is no longer a high-tech.

The nuclear threat to China's security, but we do not know at what time these threats will become reality. Meanwhile, China also as a threat, India, China as the biggest threat often. Unlike other countries, like India, shouting out loud, but the Chinese harbor JIE JU. This is the strength of the decision, but not sure where the future of China. We should understand the vigilance of the neighboring countries, but not too seriously, busy all day long to explain. Countries to explain the motives are unclear, the need for historical proof. In fact, many Chinese people also frequently see the United States, a conspiracy was everywhere, always a threat, although some actions may not be the United States against China.

One of the benefits of nuclear weapons is to restrict large-scale outbreak of war, national power to avoid die. But the border is still the risk of conflict.

Territorial conflicts between China and neighboring countries are now mainly in the sea, with Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Southeast Asia island of friction from time to time. Asia's large and small tigers eyeing China. A few days ago, the Japanese captured the Chinese crew near the Diaoyu Islands, resulting in tension between the two countries. At sea, the slow development of the Navy, China to take action when it later claimed the actual control of the territorial sea, is now in a passive position. As passive, China retreat with little room to maneuver, so it is necessary to do something to take the initiative.

China's territorial disputes on land mainly with India. India, China doubts surrounding it, this is impossible. China and India there is no fundamental conflict of interest, can accommodate two large countries in Asia, Moreover, the rise of the two countries is still uncertain. The border, the Chinese can give up some land in exchange for other land. This is China 50 years ago but did not want to make things.

If development goes well, in the next two decades, China may become stronger than any neighbors, but never add more powerful than they, let alone the United States as well abroad, it is essential to face the future reality. Quo or blindly back will not improve the situation in China. On the other hand, aggressive will not only damage China's long-term interests, but also will bring the neighbors together, and gave the U.S. an opportunity. Based on the tied good neighbor fence, that is, determining the border. China needs to establish an open society, peaceful resolution of territorial disputes with neighboring countries, when necessary, direct or indirect use of force, but must be very good reason.

Encirclement of poverty

Per capita income, China is a poor country, ranked 100 in the world around. But even more than some countries surrounding China is also poor. In East Asia, only Japan is a rich, South Korea, more affluent, slightly further away were Singapore; Taiwan is a relatively affluent area. Far East of Russia wealthier than China, but that will not be a commercial center in remote areas. Other neighboring countries with per capita income in China is not far off either, or even lower. China's border areas is generally less developed, it is difficult to radiate prosperity.

There are geographical reasons for poor countries, but the main reason is the system. In addition, poverty and ignorance reinforce each other, extremist forces in the poverty and ignorance breed, echoed in Central Asia and Xinjiang. However, we can do better in Xinjiang is not only to improve people's livelihood.

Poverty can not be driven around the development of border areas of China, in fact, is an excellent opportunity, because in poor areas more receptive to external influences. We can not always wait for foreign investment. However, the state-owned enterprise specializes in cross-nest, a serious lack of management capacity and management capacity, relying on market conditions, such as monopoly and funding priorities to survive, outward radiation was low, they buy overseas resources, shares. In accordance with the domestic experience, many investors will be gone forever, in fact, already have a loss of up to billions of dollars. China's economy is bleeding, the lost opportunity.

Encirclement of the United States

Often said that the encirclement of China's encirclement of the United States, like India, some people think that the encirclement of China to India. America is not the Eurasian continent countries, mainly in its territory, the North American continent. The country spent about 10 million troops, like the current international fighter, like Bethune, traveled, came to China around 200 million surrounded by the army (not including paramilitary forces), 1.3 billion people, nuclear power. What kind of mental (disease)? Clearly not the spirit, but not mental illness. The army in the maintenance of U.S. interests overseas.

The U.S. balance of power mode and the United Kingdom, Germany are different, it uses "influx" type of balance, the spokes are connected to the security of each root axis to the United States, the United States, its allies into a little brother, the other end fixed to the spokes. U.S. allies in each other is difficult to form a joint force, can not match the strength of the United States. However, the EU is an exception, the United States is not a friendly attitude towards the EU.

U.S. encirclement of China is its cooperation with the countries of Eurasia produced, not completely against China. It is in Afghanistan, South Korea's troops have enough enemies, the military bases in Kyrgyzstan faces an uncertain future, even in Japan there are troops to contain the host's intentions. This year in July, U.S. involvement in the South China Sea dispute, is indeed the Chinese show of force. China has a good geopolitical location, but the current environment friendly, will not improve in the longer term, it is difficult growth stage, only be of great wisdom and great strategy to cope. China should study history, so the core countries of East Asia, the threat of center into the center of attraction.

Group of the United States proposed the two countries is a good idea, this does not mean that the Chinese subject to any restrictions. No country can invade China, but China needs the world to protect the distribution of a wide range of national security and interests. This expansion is not aggression, not against the interests of other countries, but also protect the world's peace and stability. China's convoy in the Red Sea is an example, they are not threats, not even the threat of piracy, unless they attack. Therefore, this expansion is beneficial for everyone, just as now the United States as in the maintenance of international order. Many countries can "free ride" in many countries in the world can not and do not have to maintain interest.

Encirclement of domestic issues

China has indeed been surrounded. The pocket is the result from the outward-looking China. If you look from the outside, there is no encirclement of China. And problems of these forces against China did not constitute a whole, they have their own interests, their problems are more with each other often contradictory, even antagonistic. Unless the Chinese threat to all countries, they can not form a whole anti-China forces.

China's economic growth over the past 30 years has accumulated a lot of big problems. This high growth in the non-sustainable, able to maintain to this day because of the economic problem is transformed into social and environmental issues. Banking, manufacturing, real estate and large state-owned enterprises to pass on to many of the costs, the government has cut education, health care, pension and other expenses, social, environmental and population under great pressure, unsustainable. Before the economic crisis will be a social crisis, environmental crisis. And developed countries, the Chinese economic crisis will not lead to social problems, the order is reversed. This is the crucial point ignored by most analysts. Normal growth in the economy also does not indicate there is no crisis, Moreover, in the Bureau and other departments of the strong intervention, the economy seems good, but dangerous.

China would be the first out of the encirclement of China, and then to break through the border outside the encirclement. Comprehensive reform is the only way out.

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I believe China can and will find its place on the international scene, it just needs a bit more time. China is huge player and can't be ignored, on the other hand China has to realize there are other countries with their often moral and legal interests too. Anyway, I personally believe the relations of the western world and China will continue to improve, despite these small incidents...

My Friends, I appreciate your opinion, the Chinese government and people are kind, China will not do things that harm other countries, and we very much hope that the peaceful development of the world, I want to know your more opinion about China. Thank you!