Experts: If Japan really garrison Diaoyu Islands, China needs to deal with tough

More than Japan's defense ministry said those on September 19, Defense Ministry plans to prepare the Japanese Ground Self-Defense to expand from the current 15.5 million to 16.8 million people, is currently embarked on a coordination. If successfully implemented, this will be the first time since 1972, the GSDF expanded. Japanese media analysts believe the move is in response to the situation over the Diaoyu Islands, and enhance the defensive power of the island in southwestern Japan.

From Kyushu to the Yaeyama Islands, Japan claimed the islands 2522, but the direction Luzi Bing force is currently only 2,000 people, most of the troops concentrated in the island of Okinawa, an average of less than one per person islands. Kyodo News said, in response to the Diaoyu Islands issue, Japan is weak in defense of the west of Miyako Island, Okinawa Prefecture deployment of troops, through expansion, to adjust the preparation of the GSDF, the direction of Lu Zibing power to 2 million people.

Kyodo said the land issue by the Japanese Ministry of staff supervision (ie, Army Staff) driven. Land Department staff supervisor insisted that the Chinese navy and air force with the south-west of Kyushu in Japan have become increasingly frequent, the need to strengthen defense forces southwest islands.

Japan Air Self Defense Force and Maritime Self Defense Force have recently thrown out by the military expansion program of the China threat. July 21 this year, the Japanese Defense Ministry announced that it will accelerate the development of supersonic air-to-5 times the ship missiles XASM-3. Japan's "Tokyo Shimbun," that although the Defense Ministry did not set a specific national goals, but the missile was developed to enhance the Air Self-Defense Force's ability to deal with the Chinese navy. July 25, Japanese media has revealed the expansion plans of a naval submarine, ready to be the original 18 to 20 vessels, this is the first time since 1976, Japan made the decision to increase the submarine. Today, the GSDF make their own expansion program, and Japan also joined in the East China Sea, the Pacific's "hegemony" in the.

Liu Jiangping Chinese military experts told the "Global Times" reporter, introduced the Japanese focus on long-term development of the sea and air defense direction of the relatively slow development of the GSDF. At present, Japan Air Self Defense Force troops around 4.55 million people, has 370 combat aircraft, the main model is the F-15, and converted by the U.S. F-16 from the F-2, E-767 also has early warning aircraft, China the southeast coast are within the scope of their detection. Maritime Self-Defense Force troops about 4.4 million people, has a variety of vessels 152, and a general increase in tonnage of ships, with six "Aegis" destroyers, sea-based missile defense capability is very powerful. And the sea, and air than the SDF, the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Although the largest number of 15.5 million, but the relatively slow development, has recently been downsized, and this is a global trend of military development.

Operations in the scattered islands, the Army can not support each other, is not dominant. World War II, the spread of Japanese troops in the Pacific Islands by U.S. air power and sea power division, will soon be wiped out. So in the southwestern islands of Japan to increase Luzi Bing force trying to do? Song Xiaojun Chinese military experts on the "Global Times" reporter that Japan Morijima has relied on the Navy, the GSDF Morijima any advantage. However, the Japanese Ground Self-Defense has been Morijima as an excuse to increase clamored for the preparation and military, this is not something one or two years, and expanded and the Diaoyu Islands is not directly related collision.

Liu Jiangping said, compared to the role of tactical, strategic and political Islands garrison more meaningful. Self-Defense Force stationed on land through to create some preconceived way of fait accompli in the occupied islands, forced him to seize the island country faced the "first to open the first shot," the risk of facing strong pressure of public opinion.

Islands also have some tactical military significance, combat on the island, and ultimately destroy the enemy and to consolidate the occupation or the army. According to the Japanese mainland since the expansion program, in its military deployment in the Islands, the squadron will be capable (with institution) or team (ranked institution) stationed in the Islands, while troops are still concentrated in the main island of Okinawa, the situation in order to take place "decisive action." In 2006 Japan-US military exercises held in the Island wins, the Japanese sea and air forces are useful. Japan Air Self Defense Force first deployed to suppress enemy air defense systems Morijima, and then in the sea, and air self-defense under the cover, land transport aircraft approaching from the 250 islands taking the implementation of airborne, cleared the enemy. December of this year won the Japan-US military exercises in the islands, land and self-will play an important role.

In addition to aspects of the command structure had some adjustments, the Japanese Ground Self-Defense has been a long time since the big move. Since its inception in 1954, the GSDF has experienced a "small step Run" trend, after several military expansion, in 1972 to 13 divisions plus two largest brigade prepared mixture, about 17 million people. Japan Ground Self-Defense Force in this period focused on the northern defense to prevent invasion of the Far East Su Junnan. According to the 2001 start of the "interim defense force 2001-2005 times of preparedness plans," Japan's Ground Self-Defense will be cut, formed in 2010, "Division 6 of 9 Brigade," the new system. However, the inevitable impact of proposed expansion program of the original plan. Kyodo reported that the Defense Ministry intends to write the end of the new expansion program Defense Program Outline.

Japan's Kyodo news agency said the current international trend is to attach importance to the development of naval and air force, coupled with financial difficulties the Government of Japan, once the land from the abnormal expansion, coordination within the Government will be very difficult, but the Ministry of Land and steadfast determination from staff supervision. Liu Jiangping that the Japanese military expansion has the potential to further complicate the Diaoyu Islands issue. If you do choose to Japan's future military on the Diaoyu Islands, what the nature of the fundamental changes will occur, China must take strong countermeasures.

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