The real reason for Japan's high-handed: The United States is the largest and most important strategic thug

Sovereignty dispute in Japan and long-term interests of the game, the U.S. has been in a superior position. Japan depends on U.S. protection, the United States to Japan as Asia Pacific's largest and most important strategic thugs, with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden as saying: "Japan is the basis for the Asia-Pacific Policy." This means that there is no Japan, the United States, the Asia-Pacific policy will be castles in the air, no implementation. The United States, "Asia-Pacific policy," the biggest rival is "rising China", the "Asia-Pacific policy," the ultimate point is to curb the rise of China, to permanently maintain the U.S. dominance in the Asia Pacific region and power interests. In this regard, Japan is America's most faithful and reliable "partners."

This is so, first, Japan has long captivated the United States, the United States in all aspects of client states; the second is Japan's only entirely dependent on the U.S. to face China's rise, "continue to be based" in order to maintain it in Asia, the "power status" . Japan's geographical location is very bad, and its front is a vast territory, large population and rapid economic development in China, it has the potential pressurizing; its "top" is, and it has a feud of South Korea and North Korea, South and North Korea in the future regardless of who unified the who, will, and Japan continues to dispute sovereignty and the World Choudui Li; its "bottom" of Taiwan, "the island child" sooner or later reunification with China, then on it will constitute a "Northern Expedition" threat. Japan's geographical location makes it on three sides by the enemy, is surging behind the Pacific, there is no way out, only "backed by the United States", anyway, it has long been a vassal of the United States has no choice, no longer options.

So, the U.S. reliable it? It now appears that there is no problem, at least three, fifty years is also not a big problem, so Come and Japan should seize the opportunity to present to the Chinese as "disputed," the Diaoyu Islands as soon as possible "combination of facts and legal principles to" take hand. The so-called "opportunity Come and" has three meanings: First, the U.S. is also reliable, as well as power and "courage" for Japan and China to "assemble-off"; the second is China, although "stronger" but also "low profile", fear the U.S. like a tiger , also the implementation of the so-called "set aside the dispute over sovereignty" policy of self-deception; three years of economic stagnation in Japan though, but still an economic powerhouse in the Asia Pacific region and China, there is still considerable influence. These three is that Japan should consider themselves completely won over the Diaoyu Islands as soon as the "golden opportunity", this collision, the Japanese high-handed in the end, together with the reasons for this.

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